Yousaf Rana

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Rahul Khanna
Occupation(s) Intelligence Agent
Status Alive
Episode Count 6
First Appearance "Yousaf"
Last Seen "March 8, 1983"
Images of Yousaf Rana

Yousaf Rana is an officer in the Pakistani ISI Covert Action Division.

He previously served in the Netherlands where he was assessed by the KGB as a potential informant. He is Oxford-educated, a former professional cricket player, and dated European women.

Yousaf was the deputy head of the division.  When he visited the US as part of a Pakistani delegation, Philip sent Annelise to seduce him and learn more about the American arms shipsment to the Afghani Mujahideen.  Yousaf told Annelise that his boss, Javid Pervez, does not tell him anything.

The Center decided to kill Pervez so that Yousaf could step into his job. He later falls in love with Annelise, but when she confesses her espionage activities to him, he strangles her. Philip and Elizabeth help him get rid of her body by breaking her bones so she will fit into a suitcase. The Jennings are then able to use a photograph of his participation in this to blackmail him for information.