The Americans - Episode 2.10 - Yousaf - Promotional Photos (5)

Air Date April 30, 2014
Directed By Adam Arkin
Written By Stephen Schiff and Stuart Zicherman
Previous Episode Martial Eagle
Next Episode Stealth
Images of Yousaf

Yousaf is the tenth episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-third episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

After Agent Gaad's threats, the Rezidentura drops the charges of Vlad's death and Gaad is reinstated. Philip seeks Annelise's help to seduce and extract information from a high-ranking Pakistani ISI officer named Yousaf. Stan interviews Emmett and Leanne's son Jared to identify the illegals. Larrick returns to America and decides to hunt the people responsible for his fellow soldiers' killings at Martial Eagle base.

Plot Edit

Notes Edit


Song Title Performer(s)
It Must Be Done Pete Townsend & Nathan Barr

Gallery Edit


Season Two
#201 "Comrades" #208 "New Car"
#202 "Cardinal" #209 "Martial Eagle"
#203 "The Walk In" #210 "Yousaf"
#204 "A Little Night Music" #211 "Stealth"
#205 "The Deal" #212 "Operation Chronicle"
#206 "Behind the Red Door" #213 "Echo"
#207 "ARPANET"

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