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Vlad Kosygin
Vital statistics
Portrayed By Vitaly Benko
Occupation(s) KGB Agent
Status Deceased (Shot by Stan Beeman)
First Appearance The Clock
Last Seen Safe House
Images of Vlad Kosygin

Vlad worked for the KGB to appease his uncle. Working closely with Arkady Ivanovich, he became closely acquainted and Vlad started to take a liking to his profession. He also made friends with Nina, colleague and FBI informant for counterintelligence agent, Stan Beeman. Vlad seemed to be the only person Nina could confide in about her issues with Stan (without directly telling) him. It is unknown whether he held any romantic feelings for her but its a possibility due to Nina's reaction to his death.

He is kidnapped by Stan after being mistaken for Arkady whilst jogging in the park and Arkady cancels their regular jog together. After failing to convince Stan he isn't Arkady, and that he didn't order the killing of Stan's colleague, Chris Amador. Upon discovering Amador's death, an enraged Stan decides to avenge his friends death by killing Vlad, thus evening the eye for an eye.

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