In the Jennings' travel agency office, there is a 'Patagonia' poster on the wall behind the door, by their window starting with the first episode of Season 3 (EST Men). Welsh actor Matthew Rhys, who plays protagonist Philip Jennings, went on a voyage to the Welsh outpost in Argentina around 2010 where he filmed a movie as well as wrote a book reflecting the journey.

Keri Russell's character, Elizabeth Jennings, used the word 'buttinsky' – a meddler – when she (disguised as Clark's sister Jennifer) asked Martha how things were with Clark (The Deal). The same word was used as an arc for Russell's famous character Felicity Porter, a kind but confused coed who wanted to help fix other's problems.

When Philip had a volatile confrontation with Paige (Martial Eagle), actor Matthew Rhys discussed with the director that he would not let Holly Taylor (the actress who plays his daughter) know what his reaction would be in advance, to lend for a strong scene. His performance led Taylor to genuinely cry in the scene. Rhys says that scene was one of the hardest he's had to do and feels terrible for startling Taylor.

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