The Walk In

Air Date March 12, 2014
Directed By Constantine Makris
Written By Stuart Zicherman
Previous Episode "Cardinal"
Next Episode "A Little Night Music"
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The Walk In is the third episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the sixteenth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Philip and Elizabeth infiltrate the submarine parts factory and he takes pictures of propeller plans. Afterwards, she visits Jared Connors , intent on delivering a letter from his mother as promised upon her death. However, Elizabeth changes her mind about giving it to him. Back home, Paige skips school to track down Elizabeth's "aunt". Stan investigates Dameran's work history with the World Bank, only to learn it is a cover for an assassination attempt on a company official by Dameran.

Plot Edit

Back in 1966, Leanne Connors asks Elizabeth if they already started trying to have children. Elizabeth says she isn't interested. Leanne asks Elizabeth for a favor - they wrote a letter to their children. If anything were to happen to them, they want their children to know who they really were. A year later, Elizabeth tells Philip she's ready to try for kids and that he'll be a good father.

Stan comes home after a night of stakeouts and meets Sandra as she's about to leave for a Werner Erhard course. She wants to better herself.

Philip and Elizabeth go to the shipyards to get the submarine propeller specs. Elizabeth meets one of the workers, and asks about the nine-axis CNC cylindrical grinder, but he tells her it was already moved. She continues to press for information. He realizes something is wrong, but helps her out with the specs because he's afraid she'll kill him.

Paige skips school and goes to Pennsylvania, to find out if Aunt Helen really exists. On the bus there she meets Kelli, a girl whose parents are divorced. Kelli gives Paige her phone number and tells her she's welcome to call, if she ever wants to talk. Paige gets to Helen's house and meets an old lady. The lady thinks Paige is her daughter, "Shelly".

After Paige leaves, Helen calls Philip and tells him about the visit. Philip waits for Paige to get home and then gets upset at her. Paige, in return, calls up Kelli and leaves the house without getting permission in order to meet her.

Stan goes to the World Bank to learn more about Bruce Dameran. There he learns that Dameran didn't show up to to work and that there's a big event with World Bank executives. He realizes Dameran had staked out the place and that he intends to assassinate the World Bank leaders. Stan manages to find Dameran, but Dameran refuses to put down his gun, and Stan has to kill him.

For his success, he is about to get to medal. Which is exactly Arkady's plan - to have Stan indebted to Nina.

Elizabeth goes to the Connors' home to retrieve the letter. Disguised as Ann Chadwich of the Child Advocacy Center, she then goes to visit Jared, who is staying with neighbors. Jared tells her that he blames himself for the murders, because he shouldn't have gone to the pool. Elizabeth tries to comfort him. After talking to Jared, she realizes she can't give him the letter, and instead burns it.

Oleg invites Nina to a hockey game, but she turns him down.

Notes Edit


Song Title Performer(s)
Here Comes the Flood Peter Gabriel


The Americans 2x03 Promo 'The Walk In' HD00:36

The Americans 2x03 Promo 'The Walk In' HD

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