The Oath

Air Date April 24, 2013
Directed By John Dahl
Written By Joshua Brand and Melissa James Gibson
Previous Episode Covert War
Next Episode The Colonel
Images of The Oath

The Oath is the twelfth episode of Season One of The Americans on FX, and the twelfth episode overall.

Plot Edit

Elizabeth's new source, Sanford Prince, tells her he has recruited an Air Force colonel who will give important information on the SDI project for $50,000. After seeing some of this information, Moscow orders Elizabeth to meet with the colonel despite her misgivings.

To see whether the FBI are on to them, Philip asks Martha to plant a bug in Gaad's office, promising to marry her to ensure her loyalty. He does so in a private ceremony witnessed only by her parents and Clark's "mother" (Claudia) and "sister" (Elizabeth).

Nina's suspicions about Stan grow and she accuses him of murdering Vlad, which he denies. She is later sworn into Directorate S and confesses her spying to Arkady, offering to become a re-doubled agent.

With the planned meeting only a few days away, Prince is arrested for an unrelated child support issue. Viola tells the FBI about being forced to plant the bug; they provide the KGB with disinformation through it. From her account, and that of the CIA official that the Jennings abducted, Stan and Gaad conclude that they are looking for a thirtysomething married couple and produce a sketch of them.


Song Title Performer(s)
Angel of the Wilderness Craig Marsden
Mississippi Queen Mountain


The Americans 1x12 Promo "Oath"00:31

The Americans 1x12 Promo "Oath"

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