The Deal
The Americans - Episode 2.05 - The Deal - Promotional Photos (3)

Air Date March 26, 2014
Directed By Dan Attias
Written By Angelina Burnett
Previous Episode A Little Night Music
Next Episode Behind the Red Door
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The Deal is the fifth episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the eighteenth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Philip hides their attacker, who turns out to be a Mossad agent, while the Soviets negotiate with Israel to trade him with Anton Baklanov. Elizabeth meets Martha as Clark’s sister and convinces her not to put Clark’s name on an application form. Stan follows Oleg. Oleg misleads him to a port and tells Stan that he's the only one who knows about Nina, and threatens to expose her. 

Plot Edit

Philip and Elizabeth are left alone with the agent who attacked them. They hide him in a nearby deserted house, but are seen by the police on the way. Elizabeth goes to get help while Philip stays with the man, a Mossad agent named Yossi.

The Rezidentura is informed and puts plans in motion to extract Anton, as well as starting negotiations with the Israelis to exchange Baklanov for the Mossad agent.

The Rezidentura sends Kate, the Jennings' new handler, with supplies for Philip. Philip is not very impressed with her. While they wait to hear whether their governments have closed a deal, Yossi tries to get Philip to open up. He later tries to escape while going to the bathroom.

Baklanov's disappearance meanwhile triggers an alert at the FBI. Stan is called in. He calls in Gaad, to use his contacts with the DOD to help him figure out why Baklanov is so important. But Gaad is stonewalled.

Oleg offers to help with Baklanov's extraction, saying he has experience with counter-surveillance. Arkady takes him up on it. Nina is sent to Stan and gives him enough information so he'll assume the KGB has Baklanov and that Oleg intends to exfiltrate him.

The FBI follows Oleg as he leaves the Rezidentura and follow him all the way to Baltimore port. Oleg surprises Stan and informs him that he knows about Nina helping the FBI and that he intends to blackmail him in order to keep that information secret.

Meanwhile the KGB and the Mossad exchange Baklanov for Yossi. As part of the deal, the USSR releases 1,500 Refuseniks.

Baklanov begs Philip to have mercy on him, but Philip is stone-faced as he delivers Baklanov to a waiting ship, headed for the USSR.

George hears Martha's phone messages to Clark where she threatens to let the FBI know about their marriage. He notifies Elizabeth. She goes to meet Martha as Jennifer, Clark's sister. Martha gets drunk and confides in Elizabeth that Clark is an animal in bed. Elizabeth manages to convince her that Clark loves her and that his job his very important, so that she won't include information about her relationship with Clark on the FBI application form.

Elizabeth later meets with Brad, who hands her the file on Andrew Larrick.

Notes Edit


Song Title Performer(s)
The Gambler Kenny Rogers


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