Tatiana Evgenyevna Vyazemtseva
Great Patriotic War episode Tatiana cropped

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Vera Cherny
Age Mid 30s
Occupation(s) Directorate S
Status Deceased
Episode Count 19
First Appearance "EST Men"
Last Seen "Jennings, Elizabeth"
Images of Tatiana Vyazemtseva

Tatiana Evgenyevna Vyazemtseva was a KGB intelligence officer and member of Directorate S, based at the Rezidentura.  First introduced in EST Men, by Season Four she is revealed to be secretly working with Department 12.


For most of Season 3 Tatiana is shown to be a mid-level KGB intelligence office - she has her own office, yet must be read-in (given clearance) to partake in the more high-risk Rezidentura operations (e.g. Operation ZEPHYR).

She seems to occupy Nina's old office after she is escorted out of the embassy in Echo.

Department 12 Edit

Tatiana is revealed to be working with Department Twelve, one of the departments that make up Directorate S, the USSR’s counter-intelligence Department.  Department 12 is the USSR’s covert ‘seventh floor’ germ warfare department - a project so secretive and politically controversial that even the Rezident Arkady does not know who, or what, it involves.  His suspicions are aroused during Glanders - when Arkady interrupts Tatiana in the radio room, she refuses to open the door.  She apologizes and asks that he speak to Colonel Umametev at the Center.

After making inquiries, including asking Oleg whether he has seen Tatiana doing any unusual operation work, Arkady confronts Tatiana.  He explains that he is the Rezident and that if there is any dangerous work being carried out then he should be aware of it to at least some extent.  Tatiana refuses to answer, saying only that she is unable to speak about it.

It is assumed that as a part of Department Twelve, Tatiana is in some capacity related to the supply-chain involving William’s samples being studied in the USSR. Because of her work in extracting Lassa virus from the Americans, she was offered the post of the Rezident in Kenya. She wanted her then lover Oleg to be her deputy as Rezidents are authorized to choose their own deputies. But Oleg refused and ended up thwarting her plans to extract the virus through William. Later she was demoted to her old post because of her failure.

She attempts to assassinate Fyodor Nesterenko as part of a plan to topple Gorbachev which was authorized by KGB. Tatiana has been shot and killed by Elizabeth Jennings when she attempted to poison Nesterenko, under disguise. It is unknown if Elizabeth knew who Tatiana was, as it is extremely rare for employees from the Rezidentura to attempt assassinations.