TA 211-2 039

Air Date May 7, 2014
Directed By Gregory Hoblit
Written By Joshua Brand
Previous Episode "Yousaf"
Next Episode "Operation Chronicle"
Images of Stealth

Stealth is the eleventh episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-fourth episode overall.


Elizabeth visits Jared to find out what Stan told him. She later discovers Kate meeting Jared as well. Larrick abducts Kate to try and learn the location of her agents. Arkady instructs Nina to get more information about stealth from Stan, while Philip covertly meets John Skeevers (Željko Ivanek), a stealth technician, and learns the secret about RAM.





Season Two
#201 "Comrades" #208 "New Car"
#202 "Cardinal" #209 "Martial Eagle"
#203 "The Walk In" #210 "Yousaf"
#204 "A Little Night Music" #211 "Stealth"
#205 "The Deal" #212 "Operation Chronicle"
#206 "Behind the Red Door" #213 "Echo"
#207 "ARPANET"

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