Agent Stan Beeman
Stan beeman

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Noah Emmerich
Occupation(s) FBI Counterintelligence Agent
Status Alive
Episode Count 39
First Appearance "Pilot"
Images of Stan Beeman

Stan Beeman is a main character on the FX series, The Americans. He is the ex-husband of Sandra Beeman as well as the father of Matthew Beeman. He is an FBI counterintelligence agent who specializes in hunting down Soviet spies operating on American soil, working closely with FBI agents Frank Gaad and Dennis Aderholt and FBI secretary Martha Hanson.

When his Soviet informant, Nina Krilova, was sent back to the Soviet Union for treason, he collaborated with Oleg Burov to attempt to save her in risky ways. As of now, he still has no idea that his neighbors and friends, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, are the dangerous Soviet illegals that he has been chasing all along.


Backstory Edit

Prior to his current assignment, Stan worked undercover for three years with a white-supremacist group in Southern Arkansas. His work resulted in the arrest of 24 suspects.

Season One Edit

Season Two Edit

Season Three Edit

Season Four Edit

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Motivation Edit

Skill Set Edit

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Spy Life Edit

Operations Edit

Informants Edit

Relationship with SandraEdit

His undercover work caused a lot of problems with his marriage.  By 1983, they are divorced and she is living with another man.

Relationship with NinaEdit

In 1981 Stan recruited Nina Krylova, a KGB officer stationed at the Rezidentura.  He quickly developed a romantic relationship with her.  He is not aware that she has since turned on him.

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