Season 2
No. of episodes 13
Original run February 26, 2014 - May 21, 2014
DVD release December 16, 2014 (Region 1)
January 26, 2015 (Region 2)
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Season Two of The Americans premiered on February 26, 2014 and concluded on May 21, 2014. It contained a total of thirteen episodes.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast


# Image Title Airdate Viewers (millions)
2x01 14 Comrades Comrades February 26, 2013 1.90
Elizabeth has recovered from being shot two months ago. She and Philip must leave Henry's 11th birthday party early in order to meet with Emmett and Leanne Connors, another spy couple, for a mission. The Jennings promise Henry a "birthday weekend" at an amusement park, which turns into a mission that ultimately results in the Connors' deaths and the Jennings being paranoid. Meanwhile, Nina informs Stan of a new arrival at the Rezidentura, Oleg Igorevich.
2x02 15 Cardinal Cardinal March 5, 2014 1.46
Elizabeth stays mainly close to home to keep watch over the neighborhood and the children. She only ventures out to drop them off at the movies, in order to help Chena, a former Sandinista-turned agent, with her asset's overdose. Meanwhile, Philip investigates Fred (John Carroll Lynch), the Connors' asset, only to be trapped by him in his house. Philip must convince him that they are all on the same side and in danger. Fred reveals information about a submarine project soon to be moved. Elsewhere, Nina tells Stan about a Rezidentura "walk-in" wanting to help them. Stan and the FBI learn the man is Bruce Dameran, an employee of the World Bank.
2x03 16 TheWalkIn The Walk In March 12, 2014 1.27
Philip and Elizabeth infiltrate the submarine parts factory and he takes pictures of propeller plans. Afterwards, she visits Jared Connors, intent on delivering a letter from his mother as promised upon her death. However, Elizabeth changes her mind about giving it to him. Back home, Paige skips school to track down Elizabeth's "aunt". Stan investigates Dameran's work history with the World Bank, only to learn it is a cover for an assassination attempt on a company official by Dameran.
2x04 17 The Americans - Episode 2.04 - A Little Night Music - Promotional Photos (4) A Little Night Music March 19, 2013 1.39
Claudia gives the Jennings two assignments—Anton Baklanov, a defector from the Soviet Union whose research is key to helping the U.S. develop stealth technology and Andrew Laric, the primary suspect in the Connors' murders. Philip monitors Baklanov, while Elizabeth must use naval recruit Brad Mullen to get information about Laric. She gains Mullen's sympathy with a story about being raped by Laric. However, Mullen fears being caught obtaining the info. When the Jennings attempt to abduct Baklanov, they are attacked by two assailants, one of whom drives off with Baklanov. Meanwhile, fallout from Dameran's death may affect Agent Gaad's job; Oleg's family influence gets him a higher security clearance; and Paige's new friend Kelly takes her to a church function.
2x05 18 The Americans - Episode 2.05 - The Deal - Promotional Photos (3) The Deal March 26, 2014 1.36
Philip hides their attacker, who turns out to be a Mossad agent, while Soviet negotiates with Israel to trade him with Anton. Elizabeth meets Martha as Clark’s sister and convinces her not to put Clark’s name on an application form. Stan follows Oleg, Oleg misleads him to a port and tells him that he's the only one who knows about Nina and threatens to expose her.
2x06 19 The Americans - Episode 2.06 - Behind the Red Door - Promotional Photos (9) Behind the Red Door April 2, 2014 1.21
Elizabeth and Philip meet Laric, whom they suspect is Emmett and Leanne's killer. Lucia has sex with Carl as a distraction so Elizabeth can steal files about ARPANET. Stan asks Nina to take a polygraph test if she wants to get exfiltrated.
2x07 20 TA 207 125 ARPANET April 9, 2014 1.18
Nina agrees to a polygraph test on Oleg's orders and assurance. Philip gets orders to bug ARPANET, with the help of Duluth. Larick tells Elizabeth that he has been ordered to Nicaragua, to set up a base and mine the harbor of Managua, but he will still get them into the contra training camp. Luisa is upset with the news of his leaving, as she had planned to kill him.
2x08 21 TA 208-2 101 New Car April 16, 2014 1.39
Philip and Henry arrive home in a new Chevrolet Camaro. Elizabeth is called to Larrick's house, where he has subdued Lucia, who intended to abduct and kill him. Set free, Lucia makes another attempt on his life, and he begins to choke her. Elizabeth is torn between saving her and allowing Larrick to continue helping them. Philip meets Kate, who tells him the stolen propeller plans were faulty, causing a submarine to sink. Stan gives the surveillance log to Oleg and later promises to protect Nina.
2x09 22 The Americans - Episode 2.09 - Martial Eagle - Promotional Photos (2) Martial Eagle April 23, 2014 1.37
Elizabeth and Philip infiltrate the contra training base, which results in more casualties than Philip can bear. The Jennings family attends church, where it is revealed Paige has donated all of her savings. Neither of her parents approve of this gesture, especially Philip, who nearly takes his anger out on the church minister. Fred and other stealth aircraft scientists meet with Stan, who later arrives home to learn his wife is having an affair. Elizabeth attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to glean stealth technology information from a Northrop employee.
2x10 23 The Americans - Episode 2.10 - Yousaf - Promotional Photos (5) Yousaf April 30, 2014 1.27
After Agent Gaad's threats, the Rezidentura drops the charges of Vlad's death and Gaad is reinstated. Philip seeks Annelise's help to seduce and extract information from a high-ranking Pakistani ISI officer named Yousaf. Stan interviews Emmett and Leanne's son Jared to identify the illegals. Larrick returns to America and decides to hunt the people responsible for his fellow soldiers' killings at Martial Eagle base.
2x11 24 TA 211-2 039 Stealth May 7, 2014 1.12
Elizabeth visits Jared to find out what Stan told him. She later discovers Kate meeting Jared as well. Larrick abducts Kate to try and learn the location of her agents. Arkady instructs Nina to get more information about stealth from Stan, while Philip covertly meets John Skeevers (Željko Ivanek), a stealth technician, and learns the secret about RAM.
2x12 25 OperationChronicle Operation Chronicle May 14, 2014 1.27
Elizabeth gets Jared out to safety as per instructions from the centre, while Larrick is trailing them discreetly all along. Arkady forces Stan's hand to steal the "Echo" program in exchange for Nina's safety. Martha recovers some top-secret FBI files and presents them to Philip.
2x13 26 41A0791 Echo May 21, 2014 1.29
No one is safe as Philip and Elizabeth evacuate their children while trying to complete the mission. Stan holds Nina's future in his hands.
The Americans
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