Sandra Beeman

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Susan Misner
Occupation(s) Housewife
Status Alive
Episode Count 16
First Appearance "Pilot"
Last Seen "March 8, 1983"
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Sandra Beeman was a main and reoccuring character on the FX series, The Americans. She is the ex-wife of Stan Beeman as well as the mother of Matthew Beeman. She is a housewife. 

Because of Stan's lack of intimacy with her, she began attending EST meetings as a form of self-help. After learning about Stan's affair with Nina Krilova, she moved out of their house to be with her new boyfriend Arthur.

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In the Pilot episode, she and Matthew move to a new house in order to be closer to Stan and to live with him instead of by themselves. Sandra is having difficulty being able to communicate with her husband and as such their relationship is strained.

The strain is further hurtful for Sandra because of Stans secretive attitude of his work and profession in the FBI. She is closely acquainted with Elizabeth as she and her are neighbours and thus, Elizabeth and Phillip use their relationship with the Beemans to coax information about the FBI out of them in a relaxed, laid back and friendly way, though Stan's secrecy and Sandra's lack of conversation with her husband often results in minimal information for the KGB agents.

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