Safe House

Air Date April 3, 2013
Directed By Jim McKay
Written By Joshua Brand
Previous Episode Mutually Assured Destruction
Next Episode Only You
Images of Safe House

Safe House is the ninth episode of Season One of The Americans on FX, and the ninth episode overall.


Philip and Elizabeth are put to the test when a routine mission goes horribly wrong. Stan and the FBI are pushed to their limit when one of their own goes missing.

Plot Edit

Philip and Elizabeth tell the kids that they are going to live apart for a while—they don't take it well. The following day, the Beemans invite the Jenningses and several FBI colleagues to a gathering at their house. Agent Gaad reveals that he plans to kill Arkady while on his jogging route in retaliation for the deaths of the FBI agents, an idea that Stan is not so enthusiastic about.

Philip spends the night with Martha, who tells him what Agent Gaad has planned. The next morning Amador confronts him. They fight and Amador is stabbed. Philip takes him to a deserted building where he and Elizabeth attempt to treat him and question him about the FBI's plans.

At the time of Arkady's regular jog, the FBI find only his assistant Vlad, as Arkady is fortuitously injured. On Stan's unauthorized initiative, the FBI seize Vlad and take him to the safe house. Stan phones Arkady and threatens to kill Vlad unless Amador is released. Amador dies in the Jennings' custody and they dump the body; after he is found, Stan returns to the safe house and kills Vlad.


Song Title Performer(s)
Good Days The Gringos
What You Gonna Do (When She Says Goodbye) Pablo Cruise


The Americans 1x09 Promo 'Safe House' HD)00:31

The Americans 1x09 Promo 'Safe House' HD)

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