Pastor Tim
Pastor Tim

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Kelly AuCoin
Occupation(s) Pastor
Status Alive
Episode Count 22
First Appearance "Martial Eagle"
Last Seen "Jennings, Elizabeth"
Images of Pastor Tim

Pastor Tim runs the Reed Street Church. Contrary to her parents' wishes, Paige joins the Church's youth group.

In Martial Eagle, Philip visited the church and told Tim to stay away from Paige.

Paige confessed her parents' true identities Pastor Tim. When Philip and Elizabeth talk to Pastor Tim, he agrees not to say anything about their activities as Russian spies. He later tells his wife Alice, causing a rift between him and Paige.

After Tim went missing on a church mission trip in Africa, Alice blamed Philip and Elizabeth for having had something to do with his disappearance. She threatens to expose them to a lawyer, but later apologizes when he turns up alive and safe.

In Season Five, while Paige babysits Claire Louise, she finds and photographs Pastor Tim's diary, in which he has written about his concern that Paige's parents, because of their life of deceit, are causing irreparable psychic damage. Not wanting any harm to come to Pastor Tim, his wife, or their newborn daughter, Paige asks her parents to have him sent away. Subsequently he is offered a job with the World Council of Churches in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In Season Six, he receives a phone call from Stan, who has grown suspicious of the Jennings. However, Pastor Tim does not betray Paige's confidence or reveal the Jennings' true identities.