Pastor Tim
Pastor Tim

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Kelly AuCoin
Occupation(s) Pastor
Status Alive
First Appearance "Martial Eagle"
Images of Pastor Tim

Pastor Tim runs a church.  Contrary to her parents' wishes, Paige has joined the Church's youth group.

In Martial Eagle, Philip appeared at the church and told Tim to stay away from his daughter.

Paige has confessed to Tim that she suspects there's something wrong with her parents.  However, when they talk to him he promises that he will not say anything about their activities as Russian spies.

After Tim went missing while on a mission with his church, his wife blamed Philip and Elizabeth for having something to do with his disappearance but apologized when she learned he was alive and safe.

In Season Five while Paige babysits for him and his wife she finds his diary and manages to take photos of the pages which, when developed, show his concerns that her parents may be corrupting her with their ideals and that she needs saving.  Not wanting any harm to come to him, his wife and newborn daughter, she asks her parents to send him away and he is offered a job with the World Council of Churches in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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