Paige Jennings
Paige Jennings

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Portrayed By Holly Taylor
Occupation(s) Student
Status Alive
First Appearance "Pilot"
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Paige Jennings is a main character on the FX series The Americans. She is the daughter of undercover KGB Directorate S agents Philip and Elizabeth Jennings as well as the older sister of Henry Jennings.  She also has a half-brother Mischa from a previous relationship of her father's

Mature for her age, she always knew that there was something bizarre about her family. As of now, she is coping with the news that her parents are spies working for the Soviet Union.

Biography Edit

Backstory Edit

Paige was born in late 1967 after her parents were instructed by the Center to have children in order to blend in like a typical American family.

Season One Edit

In 1981, Paige was introduced as an average 13-year-old teenager. When Philip took her to the mall to go shopping, a pedophile named Errol Bengoster hit on her, and Philip explained to her that she was getting older and guys would notice her (Pilot).

While leaving the kids with a babysitter for a mission, Elizabeth noticed Paige wearing a bra, and Paige explained to her that people are more free now compared to when Elizabeth was a child. Later on, they bonded when Paige allowed Elizabeth to pierce her ears (The Clock).

When Philip took Paige out to breakfast one morning, Claudia spotted Philip and told him he had a beautiful daughter (Gregory).

After the assassination attempt on President Reagan, Paige grew tired of the various news stations reporting on the incident. While at the Beemans' house, she told Matthew Beeman how annoying it was to her. He told her that it would greatly affect the nation if Reagan died. She apologized later on, saying how she didn't think about danger much since her parents were just travel agents (In Control).

Following their parents' abduction by the KGB, Paige and Henry were stranded at the mall and tried hitchhiking to find a way home. A strange young man offered to give them a ride home, but ended up taking them to a park. After drinking beer, Henry smashed his beer bottle on the guy's head so they could escape (Trust Me).

When her parents announced their separation, the kids took the news hard, and Paige blamed Elizabeth for it. The next day, at a party at the Beemans' house, Paige confided in Matthew that Philip moved out of their house. Later, she and Henry begged Philip to move back home, but Philip said that he and Elizabeth needed time apart (Safe House).

Paige started to rebel against Elizabeth because of the separation, and she and Henry often visited Philip in his motel room (Only You).

Late one night, Paige found Elizabeth coming up from their basement, supposedly doing laundry. The next day, Paige and Henry stayed over at the Beemans' house while Elizabeth got surgery from her gunshot wound. Saying that she forgot her homework at home, she went to her house and down to the basement. She snooped around the laundry area and realized that there was something odd about her parents' behavior (The Colonel).

Season Two Edit

In January, 1982, Paige welcomed Elizabeth back from her hiatus. While her parents were out on a supposed date, Paige went down to the basement to go through Elizabeth's laundry. Later that night, Paige thought that her parents did not return home and opened their bedroom door to see them having sex. At breakfast the next morning, she shamefully apologized to them for not respecting their privacy. During a family day at a fair, she noticed her parents acting strangely (Comrades).

Paige continued to notice odd behavior from her parents. It was evident when she, Elizabeth and Henry planned to see a movie, only to have Elizabeth drop her and Henry off because of so-called office work that needed to be done. Because of her suspicions, she called a telephone operator in order to track down Elizabeth's great aunt Helen Leavis (Cardinal).

Deciding to skip school one day, she boarded a bus to Pennsylvania in order to meet Helen. During the ride, she met Kelli, a girl her age who was also ditching school to visit her dad. After getting to know each other, Kelli gave Paige her phone number to keep in contact. Walking into Helen's house, Paige met a seemingly amnesia-stricken Helen and saw a photo of Elizabeth holding a baby on the wall, which confirmed Elizabeth's hiatus story. Back at home, Philip scolded Paige for lying and skipping school, and she later called Kelli to hang out that night (The Walk In).

Paige started attending Kelli's church's youth group and began developing an interest in Christianity by reading the Bible. When Elizabeth saw Paige reading it one night, she erupted with rage, and Paige fired back that she was allowed to have her own life. Elizabeth was even more annoyed when Paige prayed before they had dinner together (A Little Night Music).

Wanting her parents to understand her newfound faith, she told Elizabeth that she wanted to explore different things in her life and that it was not her or Philip's fault (The Deal).

Because she was more interested in her church activities, she quit her volleyball team. When Elizabeth asked her what they did at the church youth group, Paige said they sang songs and ate snacks mostly, but that she liked it because it was community-oriented. She encouraged Elizabeth that she and Philip should check it out (Behind the Red Door).

When her family attended her church, they did not like the sermon. After Paige introduced her parents to Pastor Tim and his wife, Alice, they learned that Paige donated $600 worth of savings to the church without consulting them about it. At home, Elizabeth was furious over the irresponsible choice. When Paige turned the tables on her parents by stating that they lie too, Philip lost it with her and ripped up her Bible. Later, in the middle of the night, Elizabeth woke her up to do chores while lecturing her about making adult decisions (Martial Eagle).

Still angry with Philip over their fight, Paige ignored him until asking him for his permission for her to attend a church summer camp. Philip considered the proposal, but Paige knew that Elizabeth would be against it. She practiced forging Elizabeth's signature for the camp application on a piece of paper, and when Elizabeth found it, she confronted Paige and and told her that she would not be attending camp. Paige stated that she was sick of the hypocrisy in their house and that Elizabeth could not stop her (Yousaf).

Confused by Elizabeth's decision, Paige asked her why she could not attend camp. Elizabeth gave her the vague response that she knew what was best for her. While her parents were at the kitchen table, Paige requested to attend a church-organized anti-nuclear protest at an air-force base in Pennsylvania, and to her surprise, they agreed it would be good for her (Stealth).

While preparing to exfiltrate Jared Connors, Elizabeth said that she had to help out with a client emergency at the travel agency. Paige was disappointed that Elizabeth could not help her pack for the protest. Later that night, Paige listened in on Philip's phone call with Elizabeth because of Elizabeth's questionable story. On the way to the air-force base in Pennsylvania, Paige told Pastor Tim that she no longer trusted her parents (Operation Chronicle).

During the protest, the police showed up and arrested Pastor Tim, and Paige was inspired by that act of sacrifice. Worried by the threat of Andrew Larrick, Philip and Elizabeth woke up Paige and Henry in the middle of the night for a supposed spontaneous vacation. As if that was not fishy enough, she woke up the next morning in their motel room with her parents gone. Explaining to Henry about their parents' peculiar behavior, she said that she could not wait until college to be with normal people (Echo).

With the murder mystery surrounding Emmett, Leanne and Amelia Connors solved, Claudia told Philip and Elizabeth about the Centre's interest in recruiting second generation illegals. With Jared, being a part of that program, now dead, Paige was the next target on their radar.

Season Three Edit

In November, 1982, Paige was still a target for the Second Generation Illegals program. She continued attending church and participating in government protests. She even got Elizabeth to attend too, making them closer than they had ever been before. That was, of course, because Elizabeth warmed up to the idea of recruiting her into the KGB (EST Men).

Late one night, Paige told Elizabeth she was worried that Philip was having an affair because of all the time he was away from home. Elizabeth assured her that he was not having an affair, though he truly was with his source, Martha Hanson. A few days later, Paige surprised Philip by reading the newspaper. She mocked the way the government funded education, possibly foreshadowing a future disapproval of the US government (Baggage).

With her parents away on a mission, Paige did laundry around the house. When she gathered Henry’s dirty clothes in his room, she found a picture of Sandra Beeman on his bed. Henry was shocked when she found it and said that it was not his. When Philip returned home from the operation, he told Paige that he was sorry for all the time he and Elizabeth spent at work. She said it was fine and that they should stop worrying about her (Open House).

As Paige’s birthday approached, Philip and Elizabeth asked her how she wanted to celebrate it. She said that she only wanted to have a small birthday dinner with Pastor Tim and his wife as guests. Philip bought her the new Yaz album as a gift. During her birthday dinner, she announced that she wanted to get baptized. Later on, Elizabeth admitted to Philip that the dinner party was a setup on Paige's part (Dimebag).

One night, while the Jenningses had dinner with Stan Beeman, Paige said she needed to buy a dress for her baptism. Although Elizabeth said that she already had a dress, Philip offered to take Paige shopping. He bought her an expensive dress for her upcoming occasion (Salang Pass).

During her baptism ceremony, Philip and Elizabeth awkwardly watched Paige get baptized. Later at home, Philip told Paige that he admired her bravery in making her own decisions. When Paige caught Elizabeth smoking in their garage, she used the confrontation as a way to ask Elizabeth what she thought about Christianity and encouraged her to start praying. In an attempt to move forward with Paige’s KGB recruitment, Elizabeth drove her to Kenilworth, the neighborhood of the late Gregory Thomas. While there, Elizabeth admitted that she and Philip were former activists (Born Again).

When Philip saw Paige reading a civil rights book in her room, she told him about her trip with Elizabeth to Kenilworth and of her knowledge about their old friend Gregory. Paige demanded to know why he and Elizabeth stopped fighting to make things right, and Philip responded by saying that when you get older, you realize that there are other ways of making a difference (Walter Taffet).

Curious about her parents’ relationship with Gregory, Paige visited the library to investigate Gregory’s life before he died. While scanning through old articles about him, she read that he was a drug dealer. At home, she told Elizabeth what she learned about Gregory. Elizabeth told her that it did not necessarily make him a bad person since there is a gray area between good and bad (Divestment).

With Philip and Elizabeth on a mission, Paige was stuck at home reading the Bible. When Henry kept playing his electronic football game, she told him that he needed his rest because he could not function without enough sleep (Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?).

Before having dinner one night, Paige thought it was strange that Philip had to suddenly leave right after taking a phone call. The next day, she surprised her parents by showing up at their travel agency after school. Later that night, Paige confronted them about their abnormal behavior and lack of additional family members. Due to her insistence, they finally told her their secret. While processing the news, she went into a form of shock by staying up all night and skipping school the next day. She called Pastor Tim to tell him that she talked to her parents. When Stan came over for dinner, she realized how crazy her parents’ situation was (Stingers).

Realizing everything had been a lie, Paige asked her parents various questions about their lives. When Elizabeth found Paige sitting inside the car in their garage, she told her about her mother and other details about her life in Russia. Early one morning, Paige looked sad when Elizabeth said that it was impossible to see her mother again (One Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov).

When Paige tried spending the night at Pastor Tim’s house, her parents picked her up and told her again to not reveal their secret. Believing that every family memory was a lie, she lashed out at her parents. Later on, Philip convinced her that not everything was a lie by showing her pictures of real memories, including the night Henry was born and one of their camping trips. One night, Elizabeth told her that she was going to see her mother after all and invited her to join her (I Am Abassin Zadran).

Paige decided to accompany Elizabeth to West Germany to meet her grandmother. Since the Centre arranged for Elizabeth’s mother to meet them there instead of Russia, they had a brief meeting in their hotel room. Afterwards, Paige prayed for her grandmother in the bathroom. At night, she asked Elizabeth why her mother let her go and was assured that she herself would never have to do that. When they arrived back in Virginia, Paige told Elizabeth that she could not lie for the rest of her life. Back at home, she could not handle the pressure and called Pastor Tim to confess that her parents were Russians (March 8, 1983).

Season Four Edit

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Paige is very mature for her age. She is studious in school, involved in church, and watches over Henry while her parents are away. Initially perceived as soft and delicate, she slowly became more and more strong-willed like her mother. Her rebellious personality came about when her parents started acting irrationally with her.

Motivation Edit

In early 1982, Paige began attending church for the first time. Although having atheist parents, she did not let their religious stubbornness interfere with her interest in Christianity. Possessing an ideology similar to Elizabeth's, she longs for world peace and is involved in government protests. She once noted how she was inspired by people making sacrifices for the greater good, just like Jesus did in the Bible.