Operation Martial Eagle was a covert US Navy SEAL operation conducted during Season Two.

Background Edit

In 1979, Nicaragua underwent a revolution - the Sandinista National Liberation Front (members known as Sandinistas) overthrew the ruling Somoza dictatorship and imposed a revolutionary Socialist government in his place.  Right-wing rebel groups, funded and trained by the United States, fought the Sandinistas in a war that lasted until 1991.  The CIA funded the rebels by selling weapons to Iran in violation of an embargo after Washington put a stop to the Contra funding.

Operation Martial Eagle Edit

In an effort to prevent the spread of Communism in Central America, the United States began a series of training camps on US soil and in Nicaragua to train rebels in guerrilla warfare.  One of the senior instructors on the Martial Eagle operation, Andrew Larrick, provides classified information on the operation to the Soviets after being blackmailed by them for his homosexuality.  The operation appeared to be based on simulated war-games, with a handful of Contra field commanders being trained at a time at each camp.

Hoping to embarrass the Americans and expose their use of US soil in attempting to overthrow a foreign democratically-elected Socialist government in a sovereign country, the Russians use Larrick’s information to gain access to the camp and document the operation.

After assuming the identity of a sewage transporter, Phillip and Elizabeth gain access to the camp.  Whilst Phillip takes photographs of the training in progress, Elizabeth kills the two Contra field commanders.  When Phillip’s cover is blown he is forced to kill three non-targets (two of which are instructors).

Aftermath Edit

The photographs Phillip and Elizabeth take are leaked to a newspaper.

Motivated by the deaths of the non-targets, particularly his fellow SEALs (“my brothers”), Andrew Larrick, begins a one-man murder campaign against the KGB.  He is responsible for the deaths of George, Kate, and Jared Connors.

References Edit

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