Open House

Air Date February 11, 2015
Directed By Thomas Schlamme
Written By Stuart Zicherman
Previous Episode "Baggage"
Next Episode "Dimebag"
Images of Open House

Open House is the third episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-ninth episode overall.

Plot Edit

Philip meets with Gabriel to discuss the best way to get to the CIA's Afghan group. They decide to focus on Ted Paaswell, who seems to be in need of money.

Paaswell is selling his house, so Philip and Elizabeth show up as interested buyers. Philip manages to put a bug on Paaswell's mobile phone. They start following him, and realize that his babysitter his trying to start up with him. They get picked up by the FBI agents guarding him. Philip jumps out of the car and calls for help.

Meanwhile, Agent Aderholt convinces Agent Gaad to put up a roadblock, and not wait for the suspect they're following to lead them somewhere more interesting.

However, before they do so, the KGB intervene and crash into the agents following them.

Despite the dangers, Philip and Elizabeth return to follow Paaswell, and discover the babysitter is his boss' daughter.

The FBI is still looking for anybody who might be going through a dental operation. Elizabeth is still suffering from her tooth, and so Philip takes it out himself. Gabriel tells Philip that Paige will have a choice on whether to join the KGB or not. In a later meeting, Gabriel repeats this, but Philip storms out on him.

Paige's birthday is coming up and Elizabeth wants to buy her a necklace. Philip had wanted to get her a bike. When she talks to Philip about it, the discussion about the gift turns into a fight over whether they can know what's best for Paige.

Paige tells her father she wishes they'd stop worrying about her. Elizabeth continues to train Hans in counter-surveillance techniques. Hans tries to flirt with her, but Elizabeth tells him she has somebody else in her life.

Arkady notifies Oleg that Oleg's father had pulled strings and wants him transferred back to Moscow. Arkady has been ordered to sign the transfer papers, but he leaves it up to Oleg to decide. Oleg decides he wants to stay.

Paige discovers a picture of Sandra Beeman among Henry's things. Henry is very flustered when she confronts him.

Martha asks Clark to foster kids.

Notes Edit

Philip is reading Time magazine from November 22, 1982.

At the opening, Elizabeth criticizes against modern conveniences to the new KGB recruit Hans and quotes Karl Marx stating, "the production of too many useful things results in too many useless people."


Song Title Performer(s)
All Out of Love Air Supply
Don't Go Yaz


The Americans 3x03 Promo "Open House" (HD)00:31

The Americans 3x03 Promo "Open House" (HD)

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