Oleg Burov
Oleg Burov

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Costa Ronin
Occupation(s) Head of KGB Directorate X
Agent with the OBKhSS
Status Alive
Episode Count 46
First Appearance "Comrades"
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Oleg Igorevich Burov is a main character on the FX series The Americans. He is the head of the KGB Directorate X department, which focuses on scientific and technological intelligence. Working at the Rezidentura, he has interesting relationships with colleagues Arkady Zotov and Tatiana Ruslanova.

Before Nina Krilova was sent back to the Soviet Union for treason, he fell in love with her. Collaborating with FBI agent Stan Beeman, they attempted to save her in risky ways.

He later married a woman named Elina, and in Season 6, they have a son, Alexander (Sasha).

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Oleg was born to a wealthy family in the Soviet Union. His father is a high ranking government official. He also has a mother and he had a brother who served in the Red Army as a captain until he was killed in Afghanistan in 1983.

His brother did not get a proper military burial since the government wouldn't publicly acknowledge the war in Afghanistan. This angered both Oleg and his father.

As a young man, Oleg studied Bauman Technical University and was eventually recruited by the KGB.

Season Two Edit

In January, 1982, Oleg arrived at the Rezidentura and was introduced as the new head of Directorate X.

When his colleague, Nina Krilova, observed his laid-back work ethic, she thought he was too young and inexperienced to run the science and technology department. Their boss, Arkady Zotov, told her he got the position because his father was the Minister of Transportation, and that he and other spoiled kids of high-ranking officials enjoying a foreign posting would be the end of them ("Comrades").

While everyone in the Rezidentura scrambled to deal with the aftermath of Emmett and Leanne's murder, Oleg was ignored when he requested time-sensitive information regarding the science and technology mission. He decided to use his free time to get to know Nina. After a few minutes conversing with her, he told her she was not like everyone else ("Cardinal").

Fascinated by Nina, Oleg barged into her office to invite her to see a hockey game with him. When she declined, he told her to sell her ticket and pocket the money, revealing a very Western attitude. Since he could not quite figure her out, he tried looking at the report she was typing, only to be told that he should follow the rules ("The Walk In").

Desperate to keep up with American Stealth technology, the Center took interest in recruiting a former Soviet scientist named Anton Baklanov. After Philip Jennings assessed him and delivered the news that Baklanov was not recruitable, Arkady tried explaining to Oleg that the Center dropped the mission, despite Oleg's objections. Wanting to see the Center's orders himself, he used his family's connections to get a higher security clearance. After Arkady sarcastically congratulated him on his new clearance, Oleg suggested a forced exfiltration of Baklanov. With his new authorization, he was granted access to Nina's reports, allowing him to learn about her operation with FBI agent Stan Beeman. He told her that she was admirable since deception is tough on the soul ("A Little Night Music").

When trying to determine the best way to exfiltrate Baklanov, Oleg clashed with Arkady over the details of the operation. Following their argument, Oleg ran into Nina and told her there was something fishy about her operation with Stan, not knowing why she had it in the first place. After Nina told Stan that Oleg was possibly behind Baklanov's disappearance, Stan and the FBI followed Oleg en route to Baltimore port. Oleg, however, noticed them tailing him, and he surprised Stan by saying he knew Nina was secretly working for him. He proposed a deal to Stan questioning what he would do to keep Nina safe ("The Deal").

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In Season 5 Oleg is shown to protect his family and even one of the suspects he was investigating during his work back in Russia. Even if this means putting himself at risk. He shows great compassion for other people.

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  • Oleg's father is a highly-placed official in the Communist Party and the Minister of Railways (Baggage). His brother served in Afghanistan prior to being killed in action.
  • Oleg was in love with Nina up to the time of her death.