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Nina Krylova

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Annet Mahendru
Occupation(s) KGB Officer
Status Alive
First Appearance The Clock
Images of Nina Krylova

Nina Sergeevna Krylova is a former KGB officer who used to work at the Rezidentura. She is currently locked up in a Soviet prison after being convicted of treason.

Biography Edit

Season 1 Edit

In 1981, Nina was caught by FBI agent Stan Beeman trading stolen caviar from the Rezidentura in exchange for high-priced electronics to sell on the black market back home. Since this violated Soviet laws, he blackmailed her into working for him (The Clock).

As an informant for Stan, Nina was forced into giving him information regarding KGB affairs. When he pressured her to get more information, she began a manipulative sexual relationship with the Rezidentura's Resident, Vasili Nikolaevich (COMINT).

When the KGB realized a mole was leaking information to the FBI, Stan assured Nina that he could get her out of the mess. They devised a plan to frame Vasili as the mole, resulting in Nina's safety. As Vasili was shipped back to the Soviet Union for treason, Arkady Ivanovich replaced him as the Rezidentura's new Resident (Trust Me).

As time went on, it was clear that Stan and Nina understood each other in their line of work and formed a special bond, which resulted in them having an affair (Duty and Honor).

When Nina's colleague and friend, Vladimir Kosygin, was abducted by the FBI in response to Chris Amador's disappearance, she subconsciously realized Stan was involved. After Vlad was murdered, she scolded Stan that she knew he did it (Only You).

Knowing Stan killed her friend, Nina began to question where her allegiance lied. Working as a double agent for the FBI took a toll on her conscience. When Arkady promoted her to a higher position in the Rezidentura and had her read an oath to her country, she realized she could not live the lie for much longer. Thus, she confessed to Arkady that she had been spying for the Americans (The Oath).

Instead of being shipped back to the Soviet Union to stand trial, Arkady and his superiors back in Moscow informed Nina to use her relationship with Stan to get information from him, which transformed her into a triple agent. When Stan told her the FBI could exfiltrate her because of her longtime useful information, she suspected something big was about to happen. She rushed to Arkady to tell him that the FBI was planning a big operation, and he decided to abort Philip and Elizabeth's meeting with the colonel (The Colonel).

Because Nina assisted in saving two of the KGB's best agents, she slowly started to gain back respect from her superiors. When Stan told her his big operation went awry and that she could not be exfiltrated as he promised, she assured him that she would continue to be of help to the FBI. However, she started to play him and regularly reported on him to the KGB.

Season 2 Edit

In January, 1982, Nina continued her operation with Stan, still pretending to be on his side. When Stan asked her if there were any new developments at the Rezidentura, she told him they had a new arrival named Oleg Igorevich Burov, and that she and Arkady did not trust him (Comrades).

Nina did not like Oleg that much, as she did not think he was deserving enough to be in charge of Directorate X. Whenever he was around her, she would act passively and tried focusing on her work. When a walk-in named Bruce Dameran arrived at the Rezidentura to provide them with information, she told Stan all about him, making it seem like she was still loyal to him (Cardinal).

After Stan took down Dameran in his crazy assassination attempt, he was praised at the FBI, and ultimately owed that credit to Nina. Later, while they were in bed, he professed to her that he loved her. While writing her reports later in her office, it was difficult to tell if she still had feelings for Stan. She told Arkady what he told her, and Arkady said she was getting herself out of the hole she put herself in (The Walk In).

While working at the Rezidentura, Nina noticed that Oleg seemed interested in her operations. When he used his family's connections to get a higher security clearance, he found out about her operation with Stan. When he confronted her about it, he told her she was admirable since deception is tough on the soul. Arkady warned her to be careful around Oleg, since they suspected he had a secret agenda up his sleeve (A Little Night Music).

When former Soviet scientist Anton Baklanov went missing, Nina told Stan that Oleg was possibly involved in his disappearance and that he planned to forcefully exfiltrate Baklanov. Back at the Rezidentura, Oleg wondered why Nina had her operation with Stan in the first place. After Stan followed Oleg to Baltimore port, Oleg suprised Stan by saying he knew Nina was working for the FBI. Since Stan did not know Nina was actually playing him, he agreed to be blackmailed by Oleg to keep him from exposing Nina's treason (The Deal).

Worried Nina's safety would be jeopardized, Stan told Frank Gaad and his superiors that she needed to get out of her volatile situation. The only way the FBI could be sure exfiltrating her would be worth it was if she took a polygraph test. When Stan delivered that news to her, she was angry and thought that he himself did not trust her (Behind the Red Door).

Afraid she would be found guilty, Nina quickly informed Arkady that Stan wanted her to take a polygraph. However, Oleg, being in charge of Directorate X, proclaimed that he could help her practice beating the test. Despite being initially antagonized by Oleg, they both surprisingly bonded while he helped her learn how to fool the machine. While taking the actual polygraph, she used the techniques Oleg taught her and beat it, making both herself and Stan happy and relieved. Later, she spent the night with Oleg in a fancy hotel suite and told him Stan meant nothing to her (ARPANET).

After Stan delivered surveillance reports to Oleg, he assured Nina that he would keep her safe. In order to protect her cover, she told him she appreciated everything he was doing to protect her. At the Rezidentura, she and Oleg bonded by playing a video game together. Arkady congratulated them on successfully getting information from Stan. Arkady warned her to be cautious with her newfound relationship with Oleg. Oleg asked her to go dancing with him, but she declined, suggesting it would be risky to be seen together in a public place (New Car).

As Nina and Oleg got closer by spending more time together, we learn more about her backstory. She told him that as a young girl in the Soviet Union, she attended a camp every summer. There, they gave the children Lenin pins, and she cherished it so much. She went on to say her family did not have much and that life was simple before arriving in America. She despised how tangled her life became in the spy business (Yousaf).

When the Centre wanted to get their hands on the Echo program, a computer system to navigate stealth technology, Arkady told Nina she was the key to getting them. Since Stan had access to Stealth, they planned to use his personal life as leverage to get them access to Echo, using Nina as a pawn. Without Nina in the room, Arkady told OIeg that if the mission failed, she would be sent back to Moscow to stand trial for the treason she committed the year before. Oleg told her that if she did not think Stan would betray his country for her, she needed to run. Realizing she was truly in danger, she told Stan that Arkady knew that she had provided classified information to him, and Stan promised her that he would get her out of the mess (Stealth).

In bed together in their safehouse, Stan told Nina he would get her a car and instructed her to drive to a secret destination in order to disappear. He said he would visit her whenever he could. After purchasing a car for her, he walked into the safehouse to find Arkady, two Soviet henchmen and a beaten-up Nina on the floor. Arkady gave Stan a proposition: deliver the Echo program to him and he and Nina would be free, or Nina would be sent back to Moscow for a trial. After Arkady told Oleg he was not sure what Nina's fate would be if Stan did not give up Echo, Oleg told Nina she had been a great officer to work with while simultaneously handing her an envelope full of cash, implying she should run (Operation Chronicle).

Even though Stan managed to obtain the Echo program, he ultimately decided that he could not betray America. Arkady showed Nina a note that Stan left, reading, "Tell Nina I'm sorry." On one quiet morning at the Rezidentura, Nina prepared to leave the Soviet Embassy. Before exiting the building, she glanced back at Arkady and Oleg as a final sign of goodbye. Once in a car, she noticed Stan in his car nearby, and gazed at him too. She was then shipped back to the Soviet Union for a trial (Echo).

Season 3 Edit

In November, 1982, the atmosphere at the Rezidentura felt very different without Nina's presence. When they found out she had been convicted in Moscow, Oleg told Arkady it was not fair and that he wanted to save her. Stan found out about her conviction through Gaad at the FBI counterintelligence office (EST Men).

Locked up in a Soviet prison, Nina had adjusted to her isolated living arrangement. That was until a new prisoner named Evi Sneijder, a Belgian woman, became her cell buddy. Although Evi tried talking to her, Nina ignored her and kept to herself. Her fate did not seem promising until Oleg's father, Igor Pavlovich Burov, paid her a visit. In an interrogation room, he told her that Oleg wanted him to save her, and Nina said to tell Oleg that she did not fake her feelings for him (Baggage).

Called into the interrogation room again, a man told Nina how Evi was imprisoned, saying she left a dead drop for someone although she claimed to be innocent. He gave Nina a proposition: get Evi to talk and find out what really happened in order to receive a lighter sentence. Back in her cell, she began to open up to Evi, revealing her history with the KGB and the FBI in America. Late on night, in order to gain Evi's sympathy, Nina faked having a nightmare, resulting in Evi comforting her (Dimebag).

About Nina Edit

  • She is a beautiful woman who often uses her good looks and sexual appeal to get what she wants.
  • She is incredibly good at hiding her emotions, as she must often wear a poker face in the work she does.
  • She seems to have some feelings for Stan Beeman, even if she uses him for her own ulterior motives.
  • She and Arkady Ivanovich get along and work well together, as he is sort of a paternal figure to her and thinks very highly of her.
  • Although she initially seemed to despise Oleg Igorevich Burov, she grew to like him and developed a romantic interest in him.
  • Although she shares no screen time with Philip or Elizabeth Jennings, her missions sometimes influence theirs.

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