New Car
TA 208-2 101

Air Date April 16, 2014
Directed By John Dahl
Written By Peter Ackerman
Previous Episode ARPANET
Next Episode Martial Eagle
Images of New Car

New Car is the eighth episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-first episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Philip and Henry arrive home in a new Chevrolet Camaro. Elizabeth is called to Larrick 's house, where he has subdued Lucia , who intended to abduct and kill him. Set free, Lucia makes another attempt on his life, and he begins to choke her. Elizabeth is torn between saving her and allowing Larrick to continue helping them. Philip meets Kate , who tells him the stolen propeller plans were faulty, causing a submarine to sink. Stan gives the surveillance log to Oleg and later promises to protect Nina.

Plot Edit

Notes Edit


Song Title Performer(s)
Rock This Town Stray Cats


The Americans 2x08 Promo HD 'New Car' The Americans S02E08 Promo00:31

The Americans 2x08 Promo HD 'New Car' The Americans S02E08 Promo

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