Mischa Semenov
Mischa Semenov

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Alex Ozerov
Age 20s
Occupation(s) Factory worker
Status Alive
First Appearance "Persona Non Grata"
Images of Mischa Semenov

Mischa Semenov is the son of Philip Jennings and Irina Semenova and the half-brother of Paige Jennings and Henry Jennings.  He was conceived before Philip joined the program and was sent to the USA but the latter did not learn of Mischa's existence until 20 years later. Mischa shares his father's real name.

In Season Five he attempts to come to the USA to meet his biological father after spending time in a Russian mental institute. However Gabriel convinces him it's in everyone's best interest that he goes back home to Russia. When he gets home, he gets work in a factory and meets his paternal uncle, who takes him home with him.

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