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Vital statistics
Portrayed By Ryan Shams
Occupation(s) Mujahideen
Status Deceased
Episode Count 1
First Appearance Comrades
Images of Matteen and Salar
The americans salar 01

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Mohammed Ghaffari
Occupation(s) Mujahideen
Status Deceased
Episode Count 1
First Appearance Comrades
Images of Matteen and Salar

Matteen and Salar are two mujahideen commanders and are minor characters in The Americans.  The characters are played by Ryan Shams[1] and Mohammed Ghaffari[2] respectively.

Biography Edit

Introduced at the start of season two’s Comrades, it is their first and last appearance in the show.

Background Edit

Matteen and Salar are two mujahideen commanders who meet with Philip, under disguise, to discuss strategies for removing the Russian army from Afghanistan.  Salar appears to be the more senior of the two, with Matteen acting primarily as a translator.

Meeting with Philip in the private area of a restaurant, they tell Philip how the Afghans have let Russia have Kabul for the time being whilst constantly attacking their supply routes using fast-moving small units.  Philip reassures them that America will get them what they need - money, guns, anything, asking how America can help with them with Panjshir.  During the Afghan-Soviet War, Panjshir (پنجشیر‎‎, literally "Five Lions”) was one of the best defended regions in Afghanistan making the discussion of considerable value to the Russians.

Death Edit

Throughout the conversation the pair display overt hatred of the Russians - Matteen gives Philip a knife used to kill a Russian soldier, referring to Russians as “godless heathens”, and claim “we love America.”  Using a silenced pistol, he shoots both in the kneecaps using a weapon concealed under the table.  Killing Salar with a further shot, he spares Matteen but tells him to tell his people in Afghanistan that neither American nor Allah can protect him or his people and that the KGB is everywhere.  

Matteen attempts to attack Philip as he walks away, tearing off his disguise and forcing Philip to kill him.  As Philip leaves the restaurant via the kitchen, he walks past a terrified busboy whom he also kills.  Philip appears frustrated by the busboy’s death.

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