Martial Eagle
The Americans - Episode 2.09 - Martial Eagle - Promotional Photos (2)

Air Date April 23, 2014
Directed By Alik Sakharov
Written By Oliver North and Tracey Scott Wilson
Previous Episode "New Car"
Next Episode "Yousaf"
Images of Martial Eagle

Martial Eagle is the ninth episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-second episode overall.


Elizabeth and Philip infiltrate the contra training base, which results in more casualties than Philip can bear. The Jennings family attends church, where it is revealed Paige has donated all of her savings. Neither of her parents approve of this gesture, especially Philip , who nearly takes his anger out on the church minister. Fred and other aircraft scientists working on the Stealth Program meet with Stan, who later arrives home to learn his wife is having an affair. Elizabeth attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to glean stealth technology information from a Northrop employee.




Song Title Performer(s)
Up to You Bonnie Ferguson


The Americans 2x09 Promo HD 'Martial Eagle' The Americans S02E09 Promo00:31

The Americans 2x09 Promo HD 'Martial Eagle' The Americans S02E09 Promo

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