Martha Hanson

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Alison Wright
Occupation(s) FBI Counterintelligence Secretary
Status Exfiltrated to Soviet Union
Episode Count 27
First Appearance "Pilot"
Images of Martha Hanson

Martha Hanson is a main character on the FX series, The Americans. She is the wife of one of Philip Jennings's aliases, Clark Westerfeld. She was the secretary for the FBI counterintelligence department, working in the same office as FBI agents Frank Gaad and Stan Beeman.

In love with Clark, she agreed to plant a bug in Frank's office. The bug in Gaad's office was discovered and an investigation began. In order to protect his asset inside the FBI's counterintelligence unit (Martha), Phillip killed the technology specialist in the office, and framed him for the bug. Martha called in sick during the investigation, and Agent Beeman began searching for Martha. After he uncovered her second life with Clark Westerfeld, she was thereafter exfiltrated to the Soviet Union.


Backstory Edit

Martha is the daughter of Bill and Elaine Hanson.

Throughout the series Edit

Martha worked for the FBI and met Philip, posing as Clark Westerfeld. He told her he's doing an internal audit of her department.  As such she has revealed classified secrets, and later even put a bug in Gaad's office.

The relationship between the two turned romantic and they got married. After the bug was found in Gaad's office, Martha began to get worried she would get caught and questioned Phillip and what she was doing for him. Phillip revealed his true appearance after informing her that he killed the technology specialist in order to protect her. Because of her calling in sick during the FBI's investigation, Beeman became suspicious of her and started to investigate her. Realizing the FBI would be on to her and more indirectly him and Elizabeth, Philip (with Gabriel's help) decided that it would be best that Martha was sent to Russia to live.

She left the US after learning Phillip was KGB and settled in Russia where she lived alone but was taught how to speak the language, soon getting to grips with it, while Gabriel kept an eye on her.  She soon took a shine to an orphaned girl she saw at the park.


Personality Edit

Martha is a conscientious worker. She has complained several times about the lax security measures in the FBI office.

Motivation Edit

Her blind love for Clark Westerfeld.

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