Lucia Chena

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Aimee Carrero
Occupation(s) Nicaraguan Sandinista posing as a Graduate Student
Status Deceased
Episode Count 4
First Appearance "Cardinal"
Last Seen "New Car"
Images of Lucia

Lucia Chena was a Sandinista freedom fighter. She came to the United States posing as a Costa Rican graduate student in political science.

She befriended Carl, an aide to a congressman on the Intelligence Committee overseeing Central America.  

She called Elizabeth after she smoked cocaine with him and needed help (Cardinal). She later used Carl to let Elizabeth into the congressman's office, after which she was given orders to kill him.

In New Car, she tracked down Andrew Larrick, whom she blamed for killing her family. Larrick called Elizabeth to deal with her, but when she attacked him, he killed her.