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Season 1 Edit

Episode Victim Responsible Party Cause of Death
Pilot Robert "Rob" Owen McKenzie Nikolai Timoshev Stab wound
Pilot Nikolai Timoshev Phillip Jennings Strangled to death
Gregory Joyce Ramirez Unknown KGB agent Staged drug overdose
In Control Unknown Secret Service agent Hinckley, Jr Numerous gunshot wounds
In Control Security Guard Elizabeth Jennings Shot once in the head
COMINT Adam Dorwin Elizabeth Jennings Shot once in the head
Mutually Assured Destruction Unnamed Rogue KGB Contractor Elizabeth Jennings Explosion of handmade bomb
Mutually Assured Destruction 3 FBI agent including Lion Billings and a scientist Unnamed Rogue KGB Contractor Explosion of handmade bomb
Safe House Chris Amador Phillip Jennings Stab wound
Safe House Vladimir Kosygin Stan Beeman Shot once in the back of the head
Only You Unnamed Police Officer Gregory Thomas Single gunshot wound to chest
Only You Gregory Thomas Unnamed Police Officer Suicede by cop; Multiple gunshot wounds
Covert War Unnamed Assistant of General Zhukov Unnamed American Agent with the orders from Richard Patterson Single Gunshot
Covert War General Viktor Zhukov Unnamed American Agent with the orders from Richard Patterson Gunshot wound to head and torso
The Colonel Richard Patterson Claudia Neck cut causing slow death

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