Leanne Connors
Leanne Connors

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Natalie Gold
Occupation(s) KGB Illegal/Soviet Spy
Status Deceased
First Appearance "Comrades"
Last Seen "Comrades"
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Leanne Connors was a KGB Illegal who was married to Emmett and had two children: Jared and Amelia. According to her Virginia driver's license, she was born August 22, 1959. The Connors and Jennings couples are friends, and in the early years of their life in the US, had more contact with each other. Shortly after Jared is born, Leanne and Emmett write a letter to their son, explaining who they are and where they come from. Leanne asks Elizabeth to give the letter to Jared if anything ever happens to them. Seventeen years later, the Jennings discover Leanne has been shot dead in her hotel room, along with her daughter and husband.

Although Andrew Larrick is originally suspected of committing the murders, Jared later confesses that he was the one responsible.