Kimberly Breland
Kimberly Breland

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Julia Garner
Age 15
Occupation(s) Student
Status Alive
Episode Count 5
First Appearance Open House
Images of Kimberly Breland

Kimberly Breland is a recurring character on the FX series, The Americans. She is the daughter of CIA Afghan group head Isaac Breland and the unsuspecting asset of KGB agent Philip Jennings.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Kimberly was born in 1967. With her father and stepmother mostly absent due to their jobs and her older siblings moved out, she became a lonely girl living in a big house. Although she regularly hung out and smoked weed with her friends, she considered them superficial.

She believes that her father works in agriculture, completely oblivious to the fact that he is in the CIA.

Season Three Edit

Needing intelligence regarding the CIA's interventions in the war in Afghanistan, the KGB assigned Philip to target Kimberly as a way to get to her father.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

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