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Vital statistics
Portrayed By Wrenn Schmidt
Occupation(s) KGB Handler
Status Deceased
Episode Count 6
First Appearance "The Deal"
Last Seen "Stealth"
Images of Kate

Kate was a KGB handler.  After Claudia’s relationship with Phillip and Elizabeth sours following her test of their loyalty, she is replaced by the Center with Kate.  The character is played by Wrenn Schmidt[1].

Kate replaces Claudia as the Jennings handlers in The Deal after the breakdown of the agent-handler relationship following Claudia’s kidnapping and torture of Phillip and Elizabeth in a previous episode.

Young and seemingly naive, Kate has a youthful passion that betrays her lack of experience.  Eager to please, she appears to know the job but doesn’t yet have the quiet confidence of Gabriel and Claudia.

After Andrew Larrick turns on the KGB, he traces Kate’s location via George’s switchboard.  After gagging and suspending her from her ceiling fan, he searches her apartment looking for her codebookLarrick attempts to get Kate to betray Phillip and Elizabeth’s home address.  When she refuses, he breaks her neck and leaves her in her apartment, still suspended.

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