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KGB informants are persons who supply information that is of benefit to the KGB.  Not all informants are sympathetic to the cause (Communism) or voluntarily aiding the KGB - Yousaf, Sanford, and Andrew Larrick were all being blackmailed, whilst Viola Johnson only aided the Russians after Phillip smothered her brother until she agreed[1].

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Usually people with access to important information, locations, or people, the KGB in The Americans recruits informants from many walks of life. Part of a KGB Officer's role would be to recruit, manager and

Whether for genuine or motivational purposes, the KGB often expresses gratitude to its informants and occasionally offers its informants assistance should their work be exposed.  In Only You, Claudia prepares an exfiltration team for Gregory after his involvement in the disposal of Chris Adamor’s body is learned by the FBI.

Known Informants Edit

Known KGB informants in The Americans:

The americans-kgb-infographic

Infographic of KGB intelligence network

Episode Value
Adam Dorwin COMINT Project Manager at VISEOTech Laser (Laser Operations Group).

Has a team inside providing data on Ballistic Missile Program.

Andrew Larrick Behind The Red Door Navy SEAL and Senior Instructor of Martial Eagle.

Provides access codes and information about the training camp.

Annelise The Clock Wife of Deputy Under Secretary of Defense.

Seduces Yousaf, Pakistani ISI deputy chief.

Brad Mullin A Little Night Music Based at Dam Neck Fleet Combat Training Center.

Provides Elizabeth with Andrew Larrick's classified Navy records.

Bruce Dameran Cardinal Worked for the Department of Agriculture.

Now works at the World Bank.

Charles Duluth In Control High-profile journalist pretending to be a reformed Communist.

Provides access to the computer lab where Phillip bugs ARPANET.

Colonel Rennhull The Colonel Colonel in Air Force intelligence.

Provides intelligence on the Anti Ballistic Missile program.

Fred Comrades Phillip and Elizabeth adopt him after Emmett and Leanne's death.

Provides samples of anti-radar paint used on US stealth planes.

Gregory Thomas Gregory Civil rights activist.

Provides intelligence on civil rights movement. Helps hide bodies.

Hans EST Men Provides intelligence on South African anti-apartheid movement.

Later helps KGB with surveillance.

Martha Hanson Pilot Head of FBI Counter-Intelligence's secretary.

Provides classified documents and plants a bug in Agent Gaad's pen.

Sanford Prince Duty And Honor Is part of Adam Dorwin's spy ring. Recruits Rennhull.

Provides intelligence on Ballistic Missile Program.

Viola Johnson The Clock US Secretary of Defense's house maid.

Plants bugged clock in Weinberger's home office to save brother.

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