The Americans - 508 - Immersion

Air Date April 25, 2017
Directed By Kevin Bray
Written By Tracy Scott Wilson
Previous Episode "The Committee on Human Rights"
Next Episode "IHOP"
Images of Immersion

Immersion is the eighth episode of Season Five of The Americans on FX, and the sixtieth episode overall.



The Americans 5x08 Promo "Immersion" (HD) Season 5 Episode 8 Promo00:31

The Americans 5x08 Promo "Immersion" (HD) Season 5 Episode 8 Promo

Season Five
#501 "Amber Waves" #508 "Immersion"
#502 "Pests" #509 "IHOP"
#503 "The Midges" #510 "Darkroom"
#504 "What's the Matter with Kansas?" #511 "Dyatkovo"
#505 "Lotus 1-2-3" #512 "The World Council of Churches"
#506 "Crossbreed" #513 "The Soviet Division"
#507 "The Committee on Human Rights"

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