Henry Jennings
Henry Jennings

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Keidrich Sellati
Occupation(s) Student
Status Alive
First Appearance "Pilot"
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Henry Jennings is a main character on the FX series The Americans. He is the son of undercover KGB Directorate S officers Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings as well as the younger brother of Paige Jennings.  

He is a free-spirited teen and is known mostly for his obliviousness to his parents' strange behavior. As of now, he is still unaware of his family's volatile secret. 

Biography Edit

Throughout the series he is shown to have a love of sports and movies. He also befriends Stan Beeman, feeling able to talk to him about fancying his teachers.

When his parents are called to his school, they are surprised to find out that he has a talent in mathematics and he is offered a scholarship at an exclusive prep school in New Hampshire.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Henry has shown the same characteristics as his father, Phillip. In the episode "The Clock" this is explained by Elizabeth. He likes to play hockey with his father, and they practice at their house. 

In spite of his love for video games, his parents learn in Season Five that he is excelling academically.