Vital statistics
Portrayed By Peter Mark Kendall
Occupation(s) Teaching Assistant

Intelligence Agent

Status Deceased
First Appearance "EST Men"
Last Seen "Amber Waves"
Images of Hans

Hans was a KGB informant who joined the cause after he was disgusted by the apartheid which was happening in South Africa and America's support towards it.

He was an economics graduate student from South Africa working as a Teaching Assistant. He was romantically interested in Elizabeth but she kept the relationship strictly professional.

Elizabeth teaches him surveillance techniques. He assisted Philip to keep Martha under surveillance. He killed one of his fellow South African student after he saw Hans during one of the operations.

Hans assisted Philip and Elizabeth while they dug up William's body for getting Lassa virus samples. But during the transfer of the virus to the container, he tripped and cut himself thus infecting him. Knowing that he most likely will contract Lassa fever and will die a horrible death, Elizabeth executed him and buried him along with William's body.

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