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Air Date February 13, 2013
Directed By Thomas Schlamme
Written By Joel Fields
Previous Episode The Clock
Next Episode In Control
Images of Gregory

Gregory is the third episode of Season One of The Americans on FX, and the third episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Philip and Elizabeth discover Robert secretly had a wife and child. Meanwhile, the FBI learns from Nina that Robert was a Directorate-S operative. Both FBI and KGB start following Robert's wife to try and determine what she knows.

Plot Edit

The Jennings receive a curious newspaper message from Rob in the classifieds, placed after his death, scheduling a meet in Philadelphia. Suspicious, Philip suggests having their agent Gregory, a former black militant whom Elizabeth had recruited, use his "team" to go to the meet. Unknown to Philip, Elizabeth and Gregory had been in love; however, she now refuses his advances, saying that she and Philip are getting along better. At the meet, Gregory deduces that Joyce had set up the meeting, unaware she is being followed by an FBI surveillance team. Using his team to create obstacles, Gregory is able to snatch her without the FBI seeing. Joyce gives Philip a coded note from Rob. Gregory tells Philip about his and Elizabeth's relationship, in an effort to get Philip to give her up. Claudia, the Jennings' new KGB supervisor whom Philip calls "Grannie", tells him to contact the person mentioned in the note. The contact gives him schematics for an anti-ballistic-missile laser. Since the FBI has issued a kidnapping charge for Joyce, the Jennings hand her and baby over to Claudia. Elizabeth later explains to Philip how she has felt for the last 20 years being forced into marriage. Her affair with Gregory stemmed from each having a passion for their work. Claudia tells Joyce that she and her baby will be relocated to Cuba; however, Joyce is seen apparently killed by the KGB in a staged drug overdose and the baby is handed over to Rob's parents in the Soviet Union.

Licensed MusicEdit

  • "Sunset" (1973) by Roxy Music plays over the closing montage.


The Americans Gregory01:30

The Americans Gregory

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