Frank Gaad

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Richard Thomas
Age 60's
Occupation(s) FBI Counterintelligence Agent
Status Deceased
Episode Count 41
First Appearance Pilot
Last Seen Munchkins
Images of Frank Gaad

 Frank Gaad was a main character on the FX series The Americans. He iwas the FBI supervisor in the counter-intelligence department, working closely with FBI secretary Martha Hanson and FBI agents Stan Beeman and Dennis Aderholt. Like his agents, he was dedicated to unmask the Soviet spies operating on American soil.

He had a close call in the premiere episode of Season 3 when he and agent Anderholt tried to confront Elizabeth as she was walking on the sidewalk. Gaad was punched in the nose immediately after trying to turn Elizabeth around to talk to her and agent Anderholt was subdued shortly after. Both got away with Gaad having a broken nose and Anderholt having a broken arm.

Gaad died in Season 4 while vacationing to Thailand. He was getting ready to leave his hotel room when a hit squad (presumably KGB) came to his hotel room to kill him. Gaad panicked and tried to run but was tackled through a glass door where he was impaled by a glass shard and bled to death.

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