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Elizabeth Jennings (Nadezhda)
Elizabeth jennings

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Keri Russell
Alias(es) Jennifer Westerfeld

Jackie Mackelhan

Ann Chadwick

Kelly Mainstill

Occupation(s) KGB Agent

Travel Agent

Status Alive
First Appearance "Pilot"
Images of Elizabeth Jennings

Elizabeth Jennings (Real Name: Nadezhda) is, along with Phillip Jennings, one of the main protagonists of The Americans. She is a KGB agent from the Soviet Union who is attempting to infiltrate the U.S. Government by posing as an American. She is extremely patriotic to the Soviet Union.

Early LifeEdit

Elizabeth was born in Smolensk around World War II.  Her father was a coal miner (ARPANET) who died fighting the Nazis at Stalingrad when she was two, and her mother was a bookkeeper for the local party committee (Pilot).

In the 1950s, a government official offered to help her and her single mother, however, her mother quickly denied his help, telling a young Elizabeth they expected something from them.

When she was 14, her mother had diphtheria and Elizabeth nursed her for 10 months on her own (Echo).

Elizabeth's uncle is named Anatoli.

KGB TrainingEdit

In 1960, while training as a KGB officer, Elizabeth (Nadezhda) was training in hand to hand combat when her chief commander, Timoshev walked into the room. He asked why she was being trained so late and her trainer stated that she showed great promise. Timoshev said that he would show Elizabeth what it was like in the field. After several failed attempts on Elizabeth's part to defeat Timoshev, he pinned her down and raped her. an act he later deemed as "part of the job". The traumatic event is what led Elizabeth to be emotionally closed off for years.

In 1962, General Zhukov introduced Elizabeth to Philip, whom she was arranged to work with as an undercover spy in the US. As per Zhukov's instructions, they were not allowed to discuss their past as it would make it more difficult to keep their lies straight in the future and thus jeopardize their mission (Pilot).

In 1964, General Zhukov explained what love is to Elizabeth. Since she and Philip were to be "married" in the US, Zhukov told her it was essential to take care of Philip so they could work better together (Covert War).

Life in the United StatesEdit

In 1965, Elizabeth and Philip arrived in America. As they entered a motel room, Philip commented about the room's air conditioner. He and she both showed excitement, as they had not had such a luxury in the Soviet Union. After Elizabeth asked Philip what he thought of America, she immediately stated, "There's a weakness in the people, I can feel it" (Pilot).

At some point in the late 1960s, after arriving in America, Elizabeth began a relationship with a man named Gregory Thomas, who supplied information about government dealings.  He was told by Elizabeth that she was a Russian spy and that she was forced to marry Phillip with whom she was living at the time.

In 1981, Elizabeth Jennings lives with her husband Philip in Washington D.C. They are revealed to to be a pair of sleeper agents working for the KGB. They have two children, Paige and Henry. After a failed deportation, Elizabeth and Philip kidnap Timoshev, a defected KGB agent, who raped Elizabeth when she was in training. At the time of Timochev's kidnapping, counter-intelligence FBI agent Stan Beeman moves next door, causing Philip to suggest defecting themselves. Elizabeth declines and Philip murders Timoshev when he finds out he raped her. Elizabeth and Philip try to become a real married couple, but after finding out Elizabeth had an ongoing affair with Gregory Thomas, a black militant, he is hurt. She tells Philip that she is beginning to feel love for him for the first time in their 20-year relationship.

After planting a bug in Caspar Weinberger's office, the Jennings' begin listening for vital intelligence. After a mole in the KGB is realized, Elizabeth and Philip are kidnapped and tortured by KGB operatives posing as FBI agents. Elizabeth is hurt that the people she trusts most could do that to her and Philip believes that Elizabeth told the KGB he considered defecting, but she denies this, saying that she said that he only liked the U.S. more than he should. Elizabeth and Philip later reconcile, but eventually separate when Elizabeth discovers Philip had an affair with his former girlfriend, Irina. Philip moves out and into a motel.

After Philip accidentally murders Stan's partner, Amador, Gregory is quickly fingered to the FBI about his involvement about it. The KGN plan to send him out of the country and, after a final night with Elizabeth, commits suicide by cop. Later, Elizabeth's mentor, General Victor Zhukov is assassinated by a CIA agent and Elizabeth and Philip track him down. Elizabeth brings him into the bathroom for sex, and she and Philip kidnap him and bring him to a warehouse, but Elizabeth, still upset about Zhukov's death, decides to let him go, where the CIA agent gives the FBI a vague description of her and Philip.

Elizabeth learns from her informant, Sanford Prince, that he has secured a meeting with a United States Air Force colonel who has information on the SDI project. The FBI learn of the bug in Weinberger's office and provide the KGB with disinformation through it. Philip is unsure of the meeting with the Colonel and takes the meeting in her place (against her wishes) and Elizabeth goes to pick up the Weinberger tape. Philip finds out Elizabeth's mission is compromised and picks her up before the FBI arrest her, but she is shot by Stan when the FBI begin firing on them. After Elizabeth's surgery, she tells Philip in Russian to "come home."

Appearance Edit

Elizabeth is a plain but pretty woman, with long, wavy brown hair and blue eyes. She is slim, and stands at 1.63m. She usually wears her hair loose and light, but has been known to put it up, as well as use wigs (primarily blonde) while on missions.

Abilities Edit

Elizabeth has been shown to be an incredibly skilled combatant, being able to take down opponents several times her size. It is evident that her KGB training improved her strength and speed, as well as quickening her reflexes. She has been shown to be quite resilient, as she has been thrown into walls, onto tables, as well as sustaining several injuries and still being able to defend herself. Elizabeth's fighting style resembles Krav Maga, as well as Systema. Her fighting style uses quick jabs and punches, as well as a variety of kicks. Elizabeth has been shown to fight with with vigor, and can at times be very brutal. Such as when she kicked Timoshev's head through her garage wall, and when she beat Claudia to a pulp. Elizabeth is able to compartmentalize her duties and her family life (moreso than her partner at times) and as such is capable of killing both combatants and innocent bystanders without remorse if the mission calls for it.

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