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Air Date May 21, 2014
Directed By Daniel Sackheim
Written By Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg
Previous Episode Operation Chronicle
Next Episode EST Men
Images of Echo (Episode)

Echo is the thirteenth episode of Season Two, and the twenty-sixth episode overall.  It is the Season Two finale.


Stan has to decide whether to hand over the Echo Computer Program to the KGB in exchange for Nina.

Philip and Elizabeth try to protect their kids from Larrick, but realize that they are facing a possibly more serious threat from the KGB.  Meanwhile, Paige goes to an anti-nuclear protest and realizes the importance of sacrificing for the greater good.


Fred gets shot getting the RAM paint for the KGB. He succeeds in his mission and manages to notify Philip and Elizabeth before he dies.

Paige particpates in an anti-nculear protest in Pennsylvania. When Pastor Tim gets arrested, she realizes that he, like Jesus, was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. She feels her parents don't understand her.

Clark meets with Martha, and she tells him she doesn't know if she can agree to continue with him, knowing he doesn't want children.

Philip and Elizabeth learn that Larrick is in the US and most probably killed Kate and George.  They flee with their kids to upstate New York on a made-up vacation. Elizabeth goes to visit Jared in Abigail's cabin, not realizing it's under Larrick's surveillance. Larrick kills Abigail and catches both Philip and Elizabeth, intending to turn them over to the authorities. Jared tries to save them, but is shot by Larrick. Philip and Elizabeth make use of the distraction, attack Larrick and manage to kill him.

Dying of his wounds, Jared tells Philip and Elizabeth that he shot his parents and his sister, because he wanted to be a KGB spy and they did not approve.  He also confesses his love for Kate, and begs Philip and Elizabeth to let the Center know he died in the line of duty.

Claudia later meets with Phililp and Elizabeth and tells them Kate had been recuiting Jarred despite Emmet and Leanne's objections. The KGB wants to use the children of the illegals, as they can more easily get into places where their parents can't.  Claudia notifies them the Center has ordered them to prepare Paige for recruitment.  Philip and Elizabeth object, and later Philip meets with Arkady and threatens him that if the KGB goes behind their backs on this issue, they are done.

Stan is plagued by nightmares over the KGB demand he hand over the Echo program. Sandra realizes something is wrong, but Stan isn't willing to admit to anything. He manages to get a screen-copy of the program, but decides not to hand it over to the KGB. Instead he leaves a note "Tell Nina I'm sorry".

Nina is sent back to Russia. Oleg goes to her as she is led out of the embassy.  Stan sits outside the embassy to see her go.


  • Echo was written in MATLAB
  • Philip and Elizabeth discuss their childhood. Philip grew up in Siberia, while Elizabeth nursed her mother for ten months when she was 14.


Licensed musicEdit

  • "Twilight Zone" (1982) by Golden Earring plays as Philip and Elizabeth drive to receive Fred's dead drop while hearing about Fred's fate on the police radio.


Promo for Episode 2x13 "Echo"00:35

Promo for Episode 2x13 "Echo"

Promo for Episode 2x13 "Echo"

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