Air Date January 28, 2015
Directed By Daniel Sackheim
Written By Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg
Previous Episode Echo
Next Episode Baggage
Images of EST Men

EST Men is the first episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-seventh episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Tensions simmer between Philip and Elizabeth as they disagree over handling orders from the Centre. When Elizabeth loses key intel, Philip enlists Annelise on a mission with an unexpected outcome. Stan tries a new approach to mending his marriage with Sandra amidst learning tough news about Nina.

Plot Edit

Afghanistan Edit

The Russians are very concerned about American involvement in Afghanistan, and the fact that the Mujaheddin are executing Soviet soldiers.

Elizabeth meets with a CIA source who hands her a list of CIA agents working on Afghanistan. But the source has self-doubts and calls up the FBI. Elizabeth realizes she'd walked into a trap and escapes. The FBI starts sweeping the area for her. Agent Gaad and Agent Aderholt locate her. Elizabeth manages to fight her way out and escape, though she is seriously injured and has lost the list.

Philip continues to use Annelise to get to the Pakistani ISI officer Yousaf Rana. But Annelise falls in love with Yousaf. When he asks her to run away with him, she accepts and tells him the truth. He strangles her to death. By the time Philip arrives she's already dead. Philip tells Yousaf he can make his problem go away.

Paige Edit

Philip and Elizabeth go to meet their handler,Gabriel. Elizabeth has started going to church with Paige and is participating in church functions. She tells Gabriel that it's in order to develop Paige as a future KGB agent. Philip is very upset when he hears that.

Nina Edit

In the Rezidentura,Arkady warns Oleg to watch what he says in front of Tatiana, a KGB officer sent to replace Nina. He also updates him that Nina has been found guilty of espionage and treason.

In the FBI office, Gaad updates Stan about the developments with Nina.

Oleg follows Stan.

Other Edit

Stan goes with Philip to an EST meeting in order to try to get closer to Sandra, but he concludes that it's all nonsense. He later admits this to Sandra.

Elizabeth learns that her mother is dying.

Stan helps Martha in target practice.

The FBI is assigned to protect an official from the US-Canada Institute who wants to defect.

Elizabeth teaches a young KGB informant how to follow a target.

Leonid Brezhnev, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, passes away.

Notes Edit

Videos Edit

The Americans Season 3 Full Promo (HD) NEW FOOTAGE02:04

The Americans Season 3 Full Promo (HD) NEW FOOTAGE

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