Colonel Rennhull
The americans-colonel rennhull 02

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Victor Slezak
Occupation(s) Air Force Intelligence
Status Alive
Episode Count 2
First Appearance "The Colonel"
Last Seen "Comrades"
Images of Colonel Rennhull

Colonel Rennhull is a Colonel in US Air Force Intelligence and a KGB informant.  The character is played by Victor Slezak[1].

Biography Edit

First referenced in The Oath, his first onscreen appearance is in The Colonel.  As a member of Air Force Intelligence he was able to provide classified documents on the American’s Strategic Defense Initiative anti-ballistic missile program.

He is recruited by Sanford Prince without the permission of Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is initially skeptical of Rennhull, partly due to compulsive-gambler Sanford Prince demanding $50,000 for the information.  Rennhull does, however, come good on the deal at a meet with Philip - providing documents on technology so advanced it would be 50 years before being remotely operational[2].

Rennhull’s second and last appearance in The Americans is during Comrades.  After Sanford turns himself and the KGB into the FBI, Stan Beeman and Agent Gaad are initially dismissive of Sanford’s claims - the Colonel’s immaculate military records, Sanford’s gambling history and questionable record, and Agent Gaad’s reluctance to tread on departmental toes result in Sanford’s escort from the building.

Rennhull’s motivations remain unclear - he lets Sanford recruit him, hands over classified information, but later alerts the FBI to Sanford’s approaches.  After Sanford’s removal from the FBI building, he goes to Colonel Rennhull’s house, ranting at Rennhull about how his betrayal of him to the authorities had “ruined his life”.  Colonel Rennhull kills Sanford in alleged self-defence by shooting him twice in the head.



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