Vital statistics
Portrayed By Margo Martindale
Occupation(s) KGB Supervisor
Status Alive
First Appearance "Gregory"
Images of Claudia

Claudia is a character in the FX series, The Americans. She is the KGB supervisor of Elizabeth Jennings and Phillip Jennings. Claudia was first seen in a cafe, observing Phillip and Paige Jennings. Later that episode, she is threatened by Phillip to stay away from his children after it becomes apparent she is Gabriel 's replacement.

It is clear her career in the KGB has spanned many years due to her dialogue and mannerisms. In COMINT, she contacted Phillip with information they had a mole within the KGB leaking information to the FBI. The discovery came after the FBI changed their encryption codes not even a day after they were passed onto Moscow. During the events of Trust Me, Claudia was beaten viciously by Elizabeth after the latter jumps to a conclusion that Claudia arranged their kidnap by the KGB suspected of being the mole that leaked the details of their knowledge of FBI encryption codes.

In Only You Claudia tries to persuade Gregory to flee Washington for Moscow, after one of his employees is arrested for the murder of Chris Amador. If the police find Gregory guilty, it could put Phillip and Elizabeth's cover in jeopardy, risking their last fifteen years of service to the USSR and the continuation of such service. Claudia's attempts to talk Gregory round fail and he is later killed in a shoot-out with the police.