Clark's Place
The Americans - 4.05 - Clark's Place

Air Date April 13, 2016
Directed By Noah Emmerich
Written By Peter Ackerman
Previous Episode Chloramphenicol
Next Episode The Rat
Images of Clark's Place

Clark's Place is the fifth episode of Season Four of The Americans on FX, and the forty-fourth episode overall.

Plot Edit

Notes Edit


Song Title Performer(s)
Under Pressure Queen & David Bowie


The Americans 4x05 Promo "Clark's Place" (HD)00:35

The Americans 4x05 Promo "Clark's Place" (HD)

Season Four
#401 "Glanders" #408 "The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue of Liberty Disappears"
#402 "Pastor Tim" #409 "The Day After"
#403 "Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow" #410 "Munchkins"
#404 "Chloramphenicol" #411 "Dinner for Seven"
#405 "Clark's Place" #412 "A Roy Rogers in Franconia"
#406 "The Rat" #413 "Persona Non Grata"
#407 "Travel Agents"

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