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Chris Amador
Chris Amador

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Maximiliano Hernández
Occupation(s) FBI Agent
Status Deceased (Stabbed by Phillip Jennings)
First Appearance "Pilot"
Last Seen "Safe House"
Images of Chris Amador

Chris Amador is a character in the The Americans. He is an FBI agent and close friend and colleague of Stan Beeman. It is clear Amador has a womaniser-like personality, a sexual attitude toward women. It is later revealed he had a relationship with Martha Hanson, also a fellow colleague.

He begins to unravel Martha and Phillip's relationship when he starts to stalk Martha. He corners Phillip as he makes his way to the car park of the motel at which Phillip and Martha are staying. Amador begins to question Phillip, a struggle ensues and Phillip knocks Amador unconscious. Chris is then taken to a safe house where he is treated by Phillip and Elizabeth attempting to coerce information out of him.

He dies of his wounds later in the episode, leaving an angry and vengeful Stan Beeman wanting retribution for his friend's death. Beeman then starts a witch-hunt to find and kill Amador's KGB killers, leading him to the doorstep of Arkady Ivanovic, though Stan mistakes Arkady's young assistant Vladimir Kosygin.

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