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Vital statistics
Portrayed By Jordan Baker
Occupation(s) CIA Employee
Status Alive
Episode Count 1
First Appearance "EST Men"
Last Seen "EST Men"
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Charlotte is a CIA employee and a KGB informant.  She gives Elizabeth a complete list of people working on the CIA’s Afghan team. 

Biography Edit

Appearing in one episode, Charlotte is a middle-aged woman who has worked for the CIA for 23 years.  It is unknown how she knows Elizabeth or for how long.  Her exact role at the CIA isn’t specific, though she seems to work in a clerical context.  Charlotte has a 19-year-old daughter, a political science college sophomore at Emory University, who wants to work at the CIA like her mother.  

Her motivation for helping the KGB is learned after she describes her one foreign-posting in Nairobi to Elizabeth.  Due to all of the Case Officers being busy, Charlotte had to meet an asset.  Getting more out of the asset in one meeting than the asset’s usual handler (Jeff) had in six months, her report earns her top marks and praise.  She, however, is over-looked for promotion, which instead goes to Jeff.  The obvious sexism displayed has left Charlotte bitter and resentful, telling Elizabeth “Screw the CIA.”

After passing Elizabeth the list of CIA staff, she regrets her betrayed and calls the CIA.  Attempting to stall Elizabeth, she pleads with her to stay a little bit longer, which Elizabeth declines saying they’ll have dinner when they meet again next week.

Charlotte’s tip-off to the CIA is the initialization of the man-hunt that finds Agents Gaad and Aderholt being attacked by Elizabeth after they attempt to stop and question her.

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