Charles Duluth
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Vital statistics
Portrayed By Reg Rogers
Occupation(s) Journalist
Status Alive
Episode Count 4
First Appearance "In Control"
Last Seen "Open House"
Images of Charles Duluth

Charles Duluth is a right-wing journalist and KGB informant.  The character is played by Reg Rogers[1].

Biography Edit

First introduced in In Control, Charles is an alcoholic high-profile journalist who uses his press connections to feed the KGB with information.  Duluth claims the Reagan administration loves him on account of his apparent reformation from “an ardent Communist” to a “conservative raising the hue and cry about the evils of communism”[2] via television appearances and his work for Conservative Statesman Magazine[2].

Following the assassination attempt on President Reagan’s life, Duluth provides Phillip with a list of the nursing staff who were at the hospital during the President’s treatment, one of which is Dana Simon.  In ARPANET, Charles is Philip’s way into the academic institution where Phillip bugs the ARPANET system.

Charles’ fake conversion from Communist to Conservative seems to have gotten Charles into a position of being the United State’s go-to man for televised interviews with defectors, opponents and critics of the Soviet regime.

In Duty and Honor, Charles is seen on television interviewing Andrzej Bielawski, a visiting Polish pro-democracy leader in exile.  He later confronts Bielawski with police photographs of a battered Irina, causing him to abort his plan of forming a rival Polish government in exile.  Duluth is later seen interviewing Zinaida Preobrazhenskaya on television following her supposed “defection” from the USSR.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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