Air Date March 5, 2014
Directed By Daniel Sackheim
Written By Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg
Previous Episode Comrades
Next Episode The Walk In
Images of Cardinal

Cardinal is the second episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the fifteenth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Elizabeth stays mainly close to home to keep watch over the neighborhood and the children. She only ventures out to drop them off at the movies, in order to help Lucia , a former Sandinista-turned agent, with her asset's overdose. Meanwhile, Philip investigates Fred (John Carroll Lynch), the Connors' asset, only to be trapped by him in his house. Philip must convince him that they are all on the same side and in danger. Fred reveals information about a submarine project soon to be moved. Elsewhere, Nina tells Stan about a Rezidentura "walk-in" wanting to help them. Stan and the FBI learn the man is Bruce Dameran , an employee of the World Bank.

Plot Edit

Elizabeth is unable to concentrate on her work, due to her fears that somebody might be after her family. Meanwhile, Philip spends the night with Martha, who tells him she's thinking of changing departments so she could get ahead at work. Philip convinces her she's doing important work in Counter-Intelligence.

The Rezidentura is on high-alert after the murder of their operatives. Nina has no time for Oleg, who is trying to start up with her.

Stan drops by the Jennings' agency to book a bachelor's trip for his friends.

Arkady plays a tape for Nina in which Stan and Gaad discuss Vlad's death, in order to encourage her to get Stan. But their conversation is interrupted when a walk-in enters the embassy, and asks to help the USSR. The walk-in is Bruce Dameran, an employee of the world bank. Since the Director of Security is out of the embassy, Arkady speaks to him, but does not show himself.

Nina meets with Stan and tells him the Rezidentura is on high-alert because of the walk-in. Stan reviews all the surveillance footage from the embassy and figures out it's Dameran. He follows him and watches as he does laundry all night.

Philip goes to Chesapeake, Virginia, to find out if Fred (AKA Cardinal), the Connor's asset, is responsible for their murder. He follows Fred and later searches his home, but does not find anything suspicious. He does find Fred's emergency box, but gets electrocuted when he tries to access it. He wakes up to find Fred going through emergency procedures, and leaving messages to Emmet that he must see him. Fred is about to kill Philip, but Philip manages to convince him that they're both on the same side. He tells him Emmet (whom Fred knows as 'Paul') and his family were recently killed. Fred tells Philip about a submarine project soon to be moved. The KGB has a window of opportunity to learn about the propeller design.

Martha is sick, and Philip and Elizabeth agree that the best move it to be with her. However, Philip would prefer to come home. He calls Martha to tell her he's stuck because his flight got cancelled. She tells him she decided to get a gun, because she doesn't want to be a victim.

Elizabeth is called up to help with an emergency. A Sandinista agent named Lucia befriended Carl, a congressional aide, while posing as a student from Costa Rica. The two were doing drugs together - Carl has lost consciousness and Lucia is too high to function. Elizabeth helps her out, gets her something to drink, and offers advice on how to deal with Carl.

Meanwhile, Paige continues to be suspicious of her parents. She calls information and tries to find out Aunt Helen's phone number and address.

Notes Edit

  • The postcard shows the Jennings address: 9A Circle Drive, Falls Church Virginia 22040

Videos Edit

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