Bruce Dameran

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Erik Jensen
Occupation(s) World Bank
Status Deceased
Episode Count 2
First Appearance "Cardinal"
Last Seen "The Walk In"
Images of Bruce Dameran

Bruce Dameran is a KGB informant who works for the World Bank.  The character is played by Erik Jensen[1].

Biography Edit

First introduced in Cardinal, he is a ‘walk-in’ at the Russian embassy (the Rezidentura).  Initially held in a small room, Arkady pacifies him via intercom, whilst having Moscow run traces on his history.  His intelligence is of unknown value to the viewer.

Background Edit

Randomly walking into the Russian embassy on January 25, 1982, Dameran offers himself to the Soviet intelligence on the grounds of “wanting to do something important for the cause.”  He leads Arkady to believe that he has to be in work in 25 minutes when really he has booked a sick day at work.

Discovery Edit

Bruce Dameran’s presence at the embassy is betrayed by Nina, to Stan Beeman in Cardinal.  Once aware of a walk-in, Stan and the FBI’s counter-intelligence department begin combing through the large volumes of surveillance photographs of the Rezidentura.  Eventually narrowing the suspected walk-in’s down to the final four, Dameran is eventually selected as the primary suspect.  This is due to his previous employment of 7 years at the Department of Agriculture and his current employment on the DWG Market Analysis Group at the World Bank.


As part of his confidential investigation into Dameran, Stan visits his office at the World Bank.  After Stan sees how clinicall and empty Dameran’s  office is, Stan realizes what is happening - the assassination of World Bank executive directors from England, Spain, France, and Germany.  Stan races to the location and finds Dameran atop a building overlooking the entrance of the hotel.

Despite pleading with Dameran, Stan is eventually forced to shoot Dameran in self-defence after Dameran ignores Stam’s repeated requests to stop waving his sniper rifle around.

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