Brad Mullin
The american-brad mullin 02

Vital statistics
Portrayed By Jefferson White
Occupation(s) Navy seaman
Status Alive
Episode Count 2
First Appearance A Little Night Music
Last Seen The Deal
Images of Brad Mullin

Brad Mullin is a Navy seaman stationed at Dam Neck in Virginia Beach and (an unknowing) KGB informant.  The character is played by Jefferson White[1].

Biography Edit

Mullin is introduced to the story via Claudia, whom believes he can be used to get Philip and Elizabeth to Andrew Larrick.  Claudia believes Larrick is the only person capable of turning on Leanne and Emmett.

Being station at Dam Neck Fleet Combat Training Center would have given Brad access to the base.  Elizabeth, disguised as an abuse victim of Larrick’s, manipulates Mullin into copying Andrew Larrick’s classified Navy files.

Only appearing across two episodes, his contact with Elizabeth is brief.  Moments after giving Elizabeth the files, he realizes that he will never see Elizabeth again.  When questioned about it, Elizabeth silently agrees.

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