Behind the Red Door
The Americans - Episode 2.06 - Behind the Red Door - Promotional Photos (9)

Air Date April 2, 2014
Directed By Charlotte Sieling
Written By Melissa James Gibson
Previous Episode The Deal
Next Episode ARPANET
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Behind the Red Door is the sixth episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the ninteenth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Elizabeth and Philip meet Andrew Larrick, whom they suspect is Emmett and Leanne's killer. Lucia has sex with Carl as a distraction so Elizabeth can steal files about ARPANET. Stan asks Nina to take a polygraph test if she wants to get exfiltrated.

Plot Edit

Claudia (Margo Martindale) gives Elizabeth and Philip instructions on how to kill Larrick (Lee Tergesen) if they discover he is Emmett and Leanne's killer. Meanwhile, Stan meets Oleg in a safe house and is given three days to meet Oleg's demands. Later that day, Elizabeth and Philip meet Larrick, and he claims he wanted to kill Emmett and Leanne, but he didn't get to them first. Elizabeth and Philip believe him. Later that night, Elizabeth seduces Philip, wanting to meet "Clark," but Philip is confused and somewhat offended, and backs off. At the same time, Stan is home eating dinner while his wife and son talk about the death of John Belushi. He later goes to the copy room and goes through Oleg's travel logs.

Elizabeth keeps pressing Philip about Clark, but is interrupted when they discover Paige quit the volleyball team, and they need to meet Kate. Philip tells her he plans to kill Larrick after a mission and asks that his family is unexposed. Kate accepts their request, and tells Elizabeth that Lucia needs to help her get into the Capitol. Lucia seduces the congressman's assistant, Carl, and lures him into the office to have sex while Elizabeth steals the files. After the success, Elizabeth tells Lucia to kill the assistant so nothing will be traced back to her.

Stan goes to Gaad's home, and tells him Nina has been compromised. Gaad refuses to hear anything so he won't have to lie if he is forced to testify before a congressional committee. Oleg meets Arkady and tells him the ARPANET is the future. When asked by Arkady if Stan will meet Oleg's demands, he replies "50-50." Elizabeth seduces Philip in his Clark costume and he sensually kisses her. Disappointed, she demands to see the animal Clark is instead of Philip's sensitive nature, and he relents by violently having sex with her. He shouts at her "Is that what you want?", to her shock. Philip goes to the bathroom disgusted with himself and rips off his wig while Elizabeth is on the bed sobbing.

Lucia is with Carl and he says he wants her to meet his family. He prepares some heroin and she poisons it when he leaves the room to get her some water. Immediately after injecting the drug, he chokes on his vomit and dies. Elizabeth comes back home and Paige tells her she quit volleyball because she had more fun at the church. Paige asks her parents to stop by sometime, and Elizabeth agrees. Elizabeth later goes to Philip and asks "Are you mad at me?" Philip tells her he isn't, and asks her about Lucia.

Stan tells Nina that Oleg knows about them. Stan tells her that she will have to take a polygraph test to be exfiltrated by the FBI. Nina is angry, and she tells him she's done and storms out. Larrick confronts Philip at a mission, and Elizabeth asks Claudia who to search next, and she replies "Me." Claudia tells Elizabeth she was lonely and was in a relationship, and may have inadvertently led her lover to Emmett and Leanne. Claudia claims she told them to pursue the killer so they could remain safe from her. She also tells Elizabeth she's lucky to have Philip in her life before they finally part. The episode ends with Elizabeth driving away.

Notes Edit


Song Title Performer(s)
Amaneci Bebiendo Los Pamperos


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