Anton Baklanov
Vital statistics
Portrayed By Michael Aronov
Occupation(s) Scientist
Status Alive
First Appearance A Little Night Music
Images of Anton Baklanov

Anton Baklanov is a scientist who was involved in the Stealth Program.  A Jew, he immigrated to the US in the early 70s.  

Baklanov is married and has a 13-year old son.  He also had a mistress.

In the US Baklanov's reserach was key helping the U.S. develop stealth technology.

In 1982 the Center ordered Phlip and Elizabeth to abduct Baklanov in order to bring him back to the USSR.  The abduction attempt was not successful, since Baklanov was being watched by Mossad agents, who rushed in to protect their charge.  Instead Philip and Elizabeth abducted one of the Mossad agents, who was later traded in for Baklanov.

Baklanov was forcibly brought to Russia where he was forced to help the Russians develop their own stealth technology.

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