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Vital statistics
Portrayed By Gillian Alexy
Occupation(s) Never stated
Status Deceased
Episode Count 4
First Appearance "The Clock"
Last Seen "EST Men"
Images of Annelise

Annelise was a KGB Informant and the wife of the Deputy Undersecretary of the Department of Defense.  The character was played by Gillian Alexy[1].

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Background Edit

First introduced in The Clock, Annelise is the socially-adept and beautiful wife of the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense. She is originally worked by Phillip under his alias Scott Burkeland, a Swedish intelligence officer.  Although The Clock is her first credited appearance, Phillip’s conversation with Elizabeth at the start of the episode suggests that he has been working her for some time, without much results.

She is an adept manipulator with men, being able to charm her way in and out situations without much effort. Even Phillip is taken in by charms and whilst he always remained in control of himself and the situation, he did often seem to care about her.

Annelise's initial enthusiasm and romanticism of being a spy gets the better of her but soon fades when she is forced to realize that her abilities and value rely mostly upon her body.

As the wife of the Deputy Undersecretary of the Department of Defence, her source of information initially stems from overhearing her husband and his colleagues and friends’ conversations.  In The Clock she uses a hidden camera taped to her chest to take photographs of the home office of Caspar Weinberger, photographs which are later used to scout the best possible location for a listening device.

Death Edit

An eternal romantic, Annelise falls in love with Yousaf.  When she accidentally mentions what she has done to Yousaf, he strangles her in a hotel room.  Philip, listening through the wall next door, takes control of the situation and has Yousaf help him and Elizabeth dispose of the body.  Whilst he is helping Phillip break the joints of Annelise’s body to fit her in a suitcase Elizabeth takes a photograph of him.

Annelise’s affair, murder and resulting photographs of Yousaf with her corpse are the blackmail that Phillip uses to work Yousaf as an informant on Afghanistan.  Phillip is saddened by her death, fulfilling his earlier prophecy that she "isn’t cut out for this”.

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